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Curator, Gear Check, and how to proceed
Sep 16, 07 9:38 PM
Hay Guys
Sep 11, 07 6:27 PM
We Finally DID it
Sep 7, 07 7:56 PM
Wednesday's Run
Sep 5, 07 12:52 PM
I"ve been Slack
Sep 4, 07 12:52 AM

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Discordia is not a guild; we are a group of friends from different guilds who have come to realize that our guilds do not want to run us through zones like Karazhan three hundred times getting us geared to match them.

Our Solution is Discordia, defined by history as the Roman Goddess of strife; the title fits our group perfectly, we are totally and crazy and like to have fun.

We are not forming a guild but are always looking for people who could potentionally compliment our group.

 Our rules are simple:

1.      Have fun
2.      Do not Bitch or Complain, wipes are going to happen
3.      Accept people sometimes make mistakes
4.      If you’re in a bad mood decline to come to the raid

All the rules if you had not realized are more about group environment then being the best of the best, we are building a successful raiding team from scratch and we will keep both our group and others who might follow in our footsteps up to date with our progress

For us this is an experiment of cross guild raiding assistance taken to a new extreme

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Curator, Gear Check, and how to proceed

539089484_Inactive, Sep 16, 07 9:38 PM.
I am going to start forcing everyone to use this board more.

We are struggling on Curator, after some great starts in kara we are not forced to regear ourselves to clear it totally.  Its time to start running heroic's people so lets get started on doing so.


Hay Guys

539089484_Inactive, Sep 11, 07 6:27 PM.

I'm back and I've started doing the website full time.. Its been difficult due to the fact I've just not been motivated to keep things up to date but I will put in a bigger effort.

We've doned all the early major bosses last week and we are now starting on the big guns, from here on in the fun starts


We Finally DID it

539089484_Inactive, Sep 7, 07 7:56 PM.
Well Done All

We finally got moross down and we are now heading for our next major challenge Madian.

I do realize that Moross will remain a issue for us as he's not a easy fight at least not until we've downed him so many times that he becomes easy.

But the future for our little group looks bright and I will continue organiseing and plugging away at Kara

We do need to reorganise a bit we've had a few new members join the group over the last week, I will start updating the website daily again so start reading again thanks


Wednesday's Run

539089484_Inactive, Sep 5, 07 12:52 PM.
I think our run on Wednesday was much better, I must admit we had a better group make up with 2 priests so we must still work on obtaining us a second priest for the group.

The new guys went really well but the true test will be on Moross where I hope we are more successful, Ionas we must focus on turning our shadow priest into a holy priest for the group at least until Geewizz comes back

Thanks everyone

I"ve been Slack

539089484_Inactive, Sep 4, 07 12:52 AM.
Sorry guys

I've not been updating the website the last run of Kara left me a little down, but thanks for the hard work of Ionas and catalyst the issues surrounding our priest prolems have been fixed.

We are now looking at starting a second discordia team but I need a full team meeting to discuss this issue so we must arrange a time, more to come on this
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