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Sep 14, 07 5:04 AM
Excalibur celebrates 3 years!!
Aug 5, 07 7:44 AM
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Aug 5, 07 12:08 AM
Hail and well met! You have entered the realm of Camelot, home of the guild Excalibur. 

Excalibur is a Rebel / Neutral guild that was established in August of 2004.  It was established by Va'Alor and Bloodela, with the help of Leylon, Ramson, Akatiri, and Dryton.  The guild was founded on the concepts of the Arthurian ideals of Knighthood, and once had a highly active Knight Program that was used to establish and maintain the rank within XClbr.

Currently we are looking for active players.  What we mean by 'active' are players that play on a consistenly regular basis, not players who will log in and play for a couple of weeks then quit.  We are looking for mature players, who can demonstrate respect, and can represent XClbr with honor.  We are looking for players that can help rebuild one of the oldest Rebel guilds on Flurry.  Contact Va'alor, Valora, Alloy, Rhage, Kelmein, Wallid, Silverwind, or Darkfyre in game if interested

539091722_Inactive, Sep 14, 07 5:04 AM.
Excalibur is recruiting!  The guildhalls are still too quiet these days, and we are looking to continue increase our numbers.  So join us! Send a mail / tell to Wallid, Alloy, Adrienn, Kelmein, Rhage, Tictok, Valora, Va'Alor, Gweniveere, or Arthurius if you are looking to get in.

Excalibur celebrates 3 years!!

539091722_Inactive, Aug 5, 07 7:44 AM.
This month marks Excalibur's 3 year anniversary!  Happy Birthday to us! Special events will be held throughout the month, so stay tuned on the Event Calendar for any upcoming party, hunts, etc that might take place.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539091722_Inactive, Aug 5, 07 12:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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