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Welcome to The Grey

A member of the Grey can be found marching along in any mercenary company... Lifting a pint in a tavern... Serving at a temple... Even smiling merrily from a jongleur's face. Oftentimes we are found to be standing between the darkness and the light. We are the people that do what must be done, when nobody else is willing to. For that, we seek neither praise nor fame, but the cost can be high- and the price must be paid.

Guild Charter


  • Honor : Honor can be a very personal thing. In regards to this guild it is directly linked to reputation. Like it or not, whether you are a member, officer, or guildleader, you are a representative of the guild. Act accordingly.

  • Loyalty : This does not mean you have to like or agree with every member of this guild. You will, however, stand at their back in times of need. Consider it like family- Siblings may cut each other lower than dirt, but when outside threats occur, they band together, no matter what.

  • Respect : You are not required to kneel, bow, or even salute a fellow member of the Grey. Simply treat each other with common courtesy.


  • When in-game, follow the code of conduct as set down by Turbine.

  • When roleplaying, be aware of the following roleplaying "demons", and avoid the behaviours they characterize..

    1. Metagaming: Using your player knowledge in a situation concerning things your character would not know

    2. D.E.M.: 3 Letters that stand for "Deus Ex Machina," also known as the Knight in Shining Armor. This behaviour consists of trying to 'save' people from their problems with an unlikely solution that often doesn't fit the story- usually by barging in and taking over the scene in order to be the hero.

    3. Forceplay: Writing statements that govern what other characters are doing besides your own

    4. God-Moding: Claiming invincibility mode and/or playing a character as having 'godlike' powers.

    5. Drama-queen: Attempting to draw the focus of everyone's interaction to yourself

    6. Ostracization: Shunning or putting down other players

    7. IC/OOC-crossing: Reacting to a player for what their character has done/reacting to a character for what their player has done

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