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     aka Dagdager

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Welcome Aboard The Train 

Please keep arms and legs inside the ride until it comes to a complete stop! 

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Other Guild News

July Spotlight of the Month Feature released!

QueenOfOzz, Jul 10, 08 7:33 PM.


Congratulations again to Jenthewikkid on being voted Member of the Month by her guildmates!  You can read about Jen in the interview in our
Member Forums.


Guild Meeting Sat, July 12th, 4 pm server time

QueenOfOzz, Jul 10, 08 7:29 PM.
July Guild Meeting to be held on Saturday, July the 12th, at 4 pm server time.  We'll begin gathering in our normal meeting room located in the far northeastern corner room in the Old Town quarters of Stormwind at 4 pm.. 
(see map below)

  • Once everyone is gathered, we will hold our usual short meeting to discuss any business or guild issues that may need to be hashed. 
  • After the meeting...hit the tram room, and PLEASE WAIT ON EVERYONE TO BE READY TO LOAD...Wait in the center of the tram room and we'll announce a raid warning for when to be ready to jump on the next available train.  We like to get video and screenshots while riding the Crazy Train!
  • Once the tram stops in Iron Forge, LINE UP OUT SIDE THE TRAM ROOM.  We will be holding a parade!  First one we've had since Christmas.  Once lined up, we will head around the outer ring of the forge, (see map below.)

We will be walking during the parade, for those that don't know, it's the / key on the number pad.  The parade will end at the center circle of the Military Ward, where we will hold our customary "Prize-Rolling Frenzy"!!  

Hope to see you all there!

Thank you,
Selita aka Tammy

Spotlight Member of the Month feature released!

QueenOfOzz, Jul 10, 08 7:19 PM.


Congratulations again to Jenthewikkid on being voted Member of the Month by her guildmates!  You can read about Jen in the interview in our
Member Forums.


GUILD MEETING June 21st, 6 pm server time.

QueenOfOzz, Jun 14, 08 10:07 AM.


GUILD MEETING June 21st, 6 pm server time.

Location of meeting to be announced during the days prior to the event. 

More information will be released here.


The Train is switching tracks!

QueenOfOzz, May 30, 08 10:50 AM.
I'm sure you have all noticed changes around the Train over the last several weeks.  This includes many of our 70's switching over to Bastion, a thinning of our numbers, from well over 300, to around 180, and little relaxations on some of the rules.  

Selita and Dagdager have been away quite a bit over these weeks, but have checked in from time to time, and have kept in touch.  Our 70s going to Bastion is simply because the Train hasn't been raiding Kara for scheduling and attendance reasons.  They need the opportunity to catch some uber gear drops, and Bastion is a great guild to accomplish this with.  Most of them still have alts here with us.   The thinning of numbers, is to make the guild list a little more manageable by thinning out the inactive members (which are usually neglected alts of members).  Some guilds keep inactives players in the list simply for the larger appearance of the number of members.  This doesn't reflect accuracy.  Crazy Train has never strived to be the biggest guild, but instead a guild of quality members, whether it's 30 or 300.   We still have an excellent core of players!  Very soon, you'll notice quite a bit more activity within the Train. 

Last but not least, we're going to be leaning towards the adult side a bit more.  Kids don't fret!  ;)  You are always welcome here, and as usual, you will be expected to display maturity while interacting with the guild.  The cursing rule is a little more lenient, however, GD or MF and other grossly offensive words are still frowned upon.  You'll see some adult-oriented widgets on the website ;)  and those of you under 21, if you drink...the guild will tell you parents!  =-P

We have always enjoyed a wide range of ages and personalities, and will continue to do so.  Kids will need to practice their maturity, and humor us adults if we engage in adult-oriented conversations in guild chat.  We won't get distasteful or offensive with it ;)  

This guild is still owned by it's members.  If any of the new changes upset you or trouble you in any way, please seek out Dagdager or Selita ( you may mail us via guildportal or in-game if you can't catch us online) and let us know. 
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