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Welcome to Divinity of Shandris. Please feel free to look around.
Divinity is serious about progressing through content but we understand that RL exists. Its okay if members can only raid some of the time, but please make sure that you attend any raid that you sign up for on the calendar or let a raid lead know if something suddenly comes up.
When signing up for site access as a divinity member, use your MAIN'S NAME or you will not gain access and NOT be raiding.  If your name is taken, you can put a number after it.
We are currently focused on Tournament of Champion's progression. We have downed the existing bosses in 25-man regular, but know more are coming.  We are also running 25-man Ulduar, and while we've made it past the cat lady in 25, we've made it up to the final boss in 10 man.
This status will continue to change, but recent activity will be reflected in the news below and a status of our accomplishments at the right.
Loot is dispersed by priority based on EPGP. Details may be seen on the Resources tab.  We have introduced decay so that old-time members aren't forever stuck at whatever level they have achieved.
Feel free to post feedback about the website itself in the General forum or send a message to Donal.
Have a good day and happy hunting!

Other Guild News

New boss added; New boss DOWN!

Donal_, Sep 1, 09 4:10 PM.
25-man progress continues.  This week, we struggled a bit to find the right tactics to use against the Horde Champions, but once we took them down, it didn't take us long to learn and destroy the new bosses, Edyis Darkbane and  Fjola Lightbane.  Afterwards, we took a few runs at Hodir in Ulduar.

Awesome progress for the week!

Donal_, Aug 25, 09 10:21 PM.
After some, uh, quiet time, Divinity unleashed some progress taking down the Cat Lady in Ulduar and all 3 of the bosses available in ToC!

Wednesday, 8/19:

Friday, 8/21:

and on Monday, 8/24:

and then we finished off what was available by defeating the Horde Champions and raiding their treasure chest:

25-man progress continues!

Donal_, Jun 20, 09 3:21 AM.
The second night this week of 25-man and 2 more NEW bosses down!

Keep up the recruiting though; we're still having to pug to fill up the raid.

25-man Siege of Ulduar CLEARED!

Donal_, Jun 18, 09 10:50 PM.
This week, we had so many people on line including some new recruits that we squeaked out a 25-man run in Ulduar.  Nothing went in a single try, but even with a late start, we cleared the first section including downing Ignis and XT-002 for the first time (in 25).
Great job guys and keep up the recruiting so we can assure 25-man runs each raid night!

Another 10-man boss down!

Donal_, Jun 18, 09 10:08 PM.
Last week's 10-man finished with a quick knock out of General Vezax and plenty of probing of Yogg-Saron.  Staying out of those gas clouds is a LOT harder than it looks!

Great job team, getting farther than before!
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Last updated 10/22/2009.
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