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The Blood Star Assassins

Putting the fun back in revenge!

Welcome New Members

Contact Death and Kisses - Justice Server
Were a new group, but growing fast. This group was founded to help members learn the game and to help them advance as villians.

To this end we will always have free inspiration and enhancements at the base. I would like to urge all higher level members to help lower level members when ever possible.

Death & Kisses

Promotions on Super Group activity page.


Issue 11 Introduces Two New Power Pools

539098243_Inactive, Oct 1, 07 6:13 AM.
Issue 11 will introduce two new power pool sets. One is a Blade weapon set for Tanks, Scrappers, Brutes and Stalkers.  The second power pool set is a defensive power pool. Go to the COH to read more about these sets.

Checkout The Iron Man Previews

539098243_Inactive, Aug 31, 07 5:48 PM.
Previews for the Iron Man movie on line now! See it now at:

Character Transfer Utility Coming

539098243_Inactive, Aug 22, 07 9:53 AM.
    NC Soft will be releasing their character transfer service in about seven weeks.
You will be able to transfer your characters to other servers. You must have an open character slot on the server to be transfered to and the character name must not already be in use. This transfer service is in the testing phase at this time. For more details go to the City of Heroes community site.

Blood Star Assassins Payroll Bonus

539098243_Inactive, Aug 20, 07 8:52 PM.
    If you are a member of The Blood Star Assassins and you are signed up as a member of this web site, you are now eligable for a one time payment of 500,000 infamy. Once your prestige earned amount reaches 250k you will receive your 500K infamy.

One Million Bounty on Death and Kisses Head!

539098243_Inactive, Aug 20, 07 1:30 PM.

    If any Blood Star Assassins member that can equal prestige earned by 'Death and Kisses', they will be paid a one million infamy bounty. If any member can get to the same level as Death and Kisses before she makes Level 50 that member will be paid a one million Infamy bounty.

    The one million infamy on equaling prestige earned has no time limit. Total bounty at this time 2 million infamy.

Shamus McZap Promoted to Group Leader

539098243_Inactive, Aug 18, 07 11:49 PM.
Shamus McZap is our new Group Leader. I would like to congradulate Shamus on his accomplishment.

Business Time Promoted to Group Leader

539098243_Inactive, Aug 14, 07 10:04 PM.
Business Time has been promoted to group leader. I would like to Congradulate Business Time on his promotion and thank him for his activity and hard work in the group so far.

Death and Kisses

We have one group leader spot open - still looking for that next outstanding individual.

Full Scale Rikti Attacks Back

539098243_Inactive, Aug 14, 07 8:12 AM.
The full scale Rikti attacks are back. The attacks are only scheduled for certain days and will last for 24 hours. The next 5 attacks are scheduled for:

Tuesday, August 14th
Saturday, August 18th
Thursday, August 23rd
Sunday, August 26th
Friday, August 31st

The Attacks start at 10AM central time /11 AM eastern.
Blast the alien scum back to their own dimension!

Character Name Policy Change

539098243_Inactive, Aug 9, 07 7:15 AM.
NC Soft will be unreserving character names currently held by inactive account users. On August 29th all character names will be unreserved in accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days. This is your big chance to get the name you want for your character.

Blood Star Assassins Has a New Address!

System, Aug 7, 07 2:58 PM.
Blood Star Assassins has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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