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Defenders of Virtues
It's time to move
Dec 11, 07 8:09 PM
IMPORTANT: Please Read
Dec 3, 07 9:01 PM
100 members!
Dec 3, 07 8:54 PM
WoW patch 2.3
Nov 14, 07 7:20 PM
Membership milestone
Nov 10, 07 4:05 PM

Hail, my friend!

Our purpose on Azeroth is to keep the world free and protected from evil doers and all it's monstrosities. Our lands are forever raided by hordes of fiendish beings, slaying and torturing our people and our land’s innocent creatures. We will scour the lands of Azeroth and discover their secret camps and dungeons and we will smite them where they stand before they can do more harm. Even if it means traveling to their wicked and perilous lands to rescue one of our own, the Defenders of Virtues will without a doubt prevail. There is no Honor in neglect, therefore, our collective Spirituality keeps us vigilant for aiding those in need, for we are the Defenders of Virtues.

The Defenders of Virtues (DoV) sincerely welcomes you. Our site is fresh and new, but it's content is continuously expanding. Please be patient with us, as we are still in the process of construction.

We believe that a Virtuous world ensures happiness and truthfulness for all it's beings. DoV is a respectful guild, we come from all parts of the world, and we recognize that every being has their own personal beliefs. We are a growing guild and we do have Bylaws to be certain that the guild stays friendly and well balanced. Please have a look at them here: (Bylaws coming soon)

DoV has monthly meetings and weekly ventures, such as instances, etc. Please have a look at our Calendar of Events to see the DoV activities. We do have a point system which we use for promoting guildmates. Guildmates will be promoted to higher ranks based on activity, duration in guild and how many points they’ve acquired.

If you'd like to join DoV, please send inquiries to Amitabha, Vulnavia or Eleona in the realm of Bleeding Hollow. DoV is growing fast and we're always looking for others who strive to defend to keep Virtue alive and well in the land of Azeroth.

"For Azeroth, we faithfully protect with courage and honor. May justice triumph in the path that we defend." ~Defenders of Virtues~

Other Guild News

It's time to move

539099740_Inactive, Dec 11, 07 8:09 PM.
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have moved our operations to the new website  Guild Portal is where it all started, but with the lack of support from GP (this is evident in the support forums) and lack of content, it pushed DoV to look for a new home.  We found one at 

Guildomatic has WoW specific content and they are very supportive in helping out the members of that site.  So, please go visit the new site, and don't forget to register.  Guild Portal will still be around for nostalgia sake.  But all new update and content will be over at guildomatic.  Thanks for being a member of DoV, you are what makes it a great guild :)

IMPORTANT: Please Read

539099740_Inactive, Dec 3, 07 9:01 PM.
FYI for everyone, DoV will be switching the companies to host its webpage.  Guild Portal has been a good start for us, but have found a different site that can give us what we are looking for.  We need a site that has specific in-game WoW content and features.  The new website is still under construction, and should be finished soon.  Feel free to check it out.  The forum's have been created and the front page should be changed soon to have the same look/color as the forums.  You can continue to register and use this site until the new one is operational.  If you have any suggestions/comments on the new guild page, feel free to post that either on this page or the new page.  Any feedback is welcomed.  The link is

toons: Amitabha, Sijo

100 members!

539099740_Inactive, Dec 3, 07 8:54 PM.
Congratulations are in order for DoV.  Recently we have reached our 100th member milestone.  We are hovering around the 125 mark now, and it's great to see so many people come together in this guild.  Welcome to the recently new folks, a big thank you for the members who are still sticking around, and for those of you who joined and left, good luck to you in your future guild endeavors.  If if doesn't work out in you new guild, feel free to request for a new invite.

WoW patch 2.3

539099740_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 7:20 PM.
WoW 2.3 is live! Lots of new changes with the patch.  Now we have a guild bank (treasury) in-game!  This will allow us to store the items (that are displayed in the treasury section) in a seperate place besides players bank slots.  It costs 100 gold to purchase guild bank slots (98 of them) and we are currently seeking donations in-game for this.  Anyone can donate money...just visit any bank in any city and deposit your donation.  You can donate any amount, weather it's 1 Copper or 1 Gold, whatever u decide is appreciated.

Along with the guild bank, the other significant changes are a new flight point at the rebel camp in Stranglethorn Vale and a new neutral town in southern Dustwallow Marsh.  If you know of something else that you think may be an interest to the other guild members, then leave a comment.  Thanks.

Membership milestone

539099740_Inactive, Nov 10, 07 4:05 PM.
Hi everyone, just to let you know that the guild has reached 50 characters on it's roster now.  It's good to see the new faces and the veterans sticking around.  Keep spreading the word about DoV and, for now, if you know someone that wants to join, just let one of the officers know and they can send a guild invite to that person.  The officers hold the rank of Defender Eterne. 

The guild is growing!

539099740_Inactive, Nov 3, 07 8:04 PM.
Once again our ranks are growing.  First the High Council (the founding members) would like to welcome our new members to the ranks of DoV.  We are proud to have you be part of the guild.  It should be an enjoyable and fun experience; with experienced players knowledge, resources for your characters, and a fun playing environment.  Let's keep the guild growing, so if you have friends that want to join let one of the officers know.

Defenders of Virtues Has a New Address!

System, Aug 10, 07 1:33 PM.
Defenders of Virtues has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Be a proud Defender & sport your very own guild tabard!

539099612_Inactive, Aug 8, 07 11:15 PM.
If you need help with purchasing a guild tabard, please contact Eleona, Amitibha or Vulnavia.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539099612_Inactive, Aug 7, 07 10:37 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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