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Guild Rules and Ranks

Raider: These are our most loyal and experienced members. They have a higher priority when building the raid.

Member: These are general members of the guild who are either recently promoted Initiates, or recently demoted Raiders who, for whatever reason, have failed to maintain Raider rank.

Raiders and Members must adhere to these Raiding Standards:

  1. Raid attendance must equal or surpass 2/3 of scheduled raids.
  2. An Officer must be notified prior to any vacation or leave of absence from raiding. Vacations may be up to two consecutive weeks, beyond that the player will be demoted one rank.
  3. If a player does not maintain a 2/3 attendance level for two weeks and does not notify the Officers of his/her absence, that player will be spoken to by an officer or removed from Guild upon the GM's discretion.
  4. Performance in raids must remain at or above an adequate level of skill. At the raid leader’s discretion, a player may be contacted to improve their performance in raiding. If the player does not show an effort to improve and/or continues to jeopardize the raid, that player will be subject to demotion or removal from the guild upon the GM's discretion or vote of the officers.
  5. Proper preparation for raids is a must. Being at the entrance to the appropriate instance portal (or other pre-determined meeting location) by five (5) minutes until raid start time is required. Bringing any necessary consumables and having gear repaired is required.
  6. Raids are priority #1. All Raiders/Members who are in-game at raid time must either be in the raid or place their main character at the entrance to the appropriate raid instance (unless otherwise notified by the raid leader).
  7. Any player may be asked to step out of the raid for another player if it is deemed necessary to progress through the instance. Remember, our goal is to kill bosses and move forward. If another class or player will help us do just that and prevent a night of wipes, then the raid leader has the right to make the change. Any player asked to step out for another will still earn DKP as if they were in the raid, and should still stick around should the raid leader call upon them again.
  8. If you can not make any raid for any given amount of time YOU ARE REQUIRED to post in the attendance forums, and let us know you will not be attending. This is applies to all Officers, Raiders, and Members!

Initiate: This is anyone applying to the guild. If you are selected, you will be invited to participate in a tryout raid. If all things go well, you will receive an invite to the guild. Upon invitation, you will be ranked Initiate week 1, then Initiate week 2, and if necessary, Initiate week 3. If we feel you make a substantial addition to the raid group and the guild in general, you will be promoted to the rank of Member.

As an Initiate, you will earn DKP as any other raid member would, however, higher ranked members will receive loot over you, regardless of your DKP balance. If not getting loot for 2 weeks is a problem, then your priorities are based on loot and Fallen may not be the guild for you.

Alternates (Alt):  Alts are allowed, but limited.

  • Initiates are not allowed alts in the guild.
  • Members are allowed one (1) alt in the guild.
  • Raiders and Officers are allowed two (2) alts in the guild.
         Exceptions are made to Raiders/Officers for more alts per GM's                    discretion as long they are 80, or currently being leveled.
  • Alts that raid earn DKP for the person behind the toon. DKP is shared between Mains and Alts.
  • Non-Raiders are members that do not raid more than once in a while. These include former 'Old School' ranked guildies, friends/spouses, and players on extended leave, such as, military duty.

Raid Schedule

As of 1/1/09:

Monday –
Tuesday – 7:30 – 11:00
Wednesday -- 7:30 – 11:00
Thursday -- 7:30 – 11:00
Friday –
7:30 – 11:00
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off

Raid Times are: 7:30 invites start,
8:00 First Pull
11:00 End of Raid Night unless a majority vote is made to press on.

Saturday - Monday are off nights, which we encourage the start/continuation of 10 man raids as well as other guild activities, such as, old school achievement runs, guild PVP events, etc.

All Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum, and Malygos 25-main raids, are guild-restricted runs. Do not get yourself saved to these instances with other guilds or PUGs unless you get an approval from an officer of Fallen.



Forums are provided as a venue for coordinating activities and sharing ideas and information. When registering for the forums, the character name of your main character should correspond to your username. All forum posts must be appropriate to the respective forum and cannot condone violations of WoW's Terms of Use or EULA. Language should be constructive, non-vulgar, and should never insult or denigrate a fellow member. All content linked on the forums must adhere to the same rules as content posted in the forums. Information contained in a private forum thread cannot be linked to or copied to another publicly accessible location unless permission is given by Officers.


In-game Behavior

Members of Fallen must adhere to the Terms of Use and EULA of World of Warcraft. Members must not use tactics deemed "exploits" by Blizzard employees. All members are expected to communicate in Guild Chat, party chat, etc. as they would on the forums (i.e. respectful, non-insulting language). Furthermore, Fallen members must be honorable in PvP.


Disciplinary Action

Any member who witness what they believe to be a breach of these rules must PM an Officer and take a screenshot, if possible. Upon request, your name can be kept anonymous. The matter will be discussed and voted upon by Officers, if appropriate, and the offending party will face disciplinary action. This action will be determined by the Officers, but can range from a written warning to removal from the guild. If the member in question is an officer, a PM sent to an uninvolved officer will be handled and discussed amongst the non-involved officers as to the best course of action.
DKP and Looting Rules
DKP is awarded to each member as follows
  • Ten (10) points per first bosskill
  • Two (2) points per non-farmed boss kill*
  • One (1) point per farmed boss kill*
  • One (1) point called the Ironman award.**
  • Three (3) points are earned if this is a "learning raid" in which we work on a non-farm boss encounter all night without kill.
  • Stand-by DKP is the one (1) point Ironman if you are on it all night. If you, at any time, are part of the raid attempt and/or kill of a boss, you will earn the DKP for that boss and not earn a stand-by DKP. If a first bosskill occurs while you are on stand-by you will also earn that ten (10) point bonus.

*Farmed kills are defined as any boss that's killed at least 3 times and usually killed in 1-2 attempts.

**The Ironman award is 1 point given to each raider that was on time, in the raid, and in the instance ready to roll at 8pm, and stays to the end when the raid is officially called.

DKP is recorded from all 25 man raids. Your DKP balance is currently not on the website, it is only in your officer note in game, accessed via the social panel (O key).

Alts that are brought in earn DKP for the person behind the toon. DKP is shared between Mains and Alts.

All Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum, and Malygos 25-man raids are guild-restricted runs. Do not get yourself saved to these instances with other guilds or PUGs unless you get an approval from an officer of Fallen.



The other important piece of this DKP system is a tax. Every Monday, everyone with positive DKP gets their DKP normalized: calculated what percent you'd have to take off the person with the most DKP to get them down to 100 DKP, and take that percent off everyone. For instance, if the person with the most DKP had 125, you'd reduce the DKP of everyone who was in the positive by 25%. This serves to curb inflation. If there was no tax, the people who had been around the longest would tend to be hopelessly ahead, and new raiders wouldn't get anything until the old raiders had gotten everything they wanted.

  • DKP Tax -- You're stealing my hard work
    By design. If you don't stay raiding, you'll lose your spot. Effort of last month is not as valuable as effort of this week.
  • Skipping non-useful raids -- why show up to XXXX?
    Easily solved. If you want loot from them, you have to show up. If you want Tier gear, you have to have enough gear to go to those raids (we aren't taking nubs to SSC), and finally if this becomes a problem, then we reduce the difference between progression and non-progression raids from 3x to 2x. Now farming raids are more valuable: problem solved.
  • This loot system is entirely unfair, I never get the items I want!
    From our calculations, then you aren't helping the guild as much as the people who are getting the loot.

DKP item value

Tier tokens - 35 pts
Weapons and Shields - 30 pts
Non-tiered Armor - 25 pts
Misc items (necklaces, relics, rings, trinkets, patterns, etc.) - 20 pts

Off-spec loot will be given only if nobody else wants the drop, and this will be charged DKP, albeit at a diminished value.

***Effective 3-25-09***
***All off-spec loot will cost 5 DKP regardless of item type. Please be sure to specify MAIN or OFF-SPEC when sending tells to the Master Looter. Failure to specify an item as Off-spec will result in a full charge of DKP***

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