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Genbu Attacks New York!
Jul 16, 10 4:06 PM
Uggy Pendant Run ^^
May 21, 09 7:33 PM
WOOT! Angel finally get's his Ungerang ^^
Oct 10, 08 10:08 PM
Joyeuse, WOOT!
Aug 11, 08 10:17 AM
Chocobo Racing Trophy
Jul 30, 08 7:42 PM
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Welcome to the SoS website. This shell has been around for 9+ years and continues to grow. It is one of the biggest Social LS's on the Bahamut Server.

Genbu Attacks New York!

Bosmacky, Jul 16, 10 4:06 PM.

Uggy Pendant Run ^^

Bosmacky, May 21, 09 7:33 PM.
Last night (May 21st) we put together a Uggalepih Pendant run for LS. We had quite a good turnout (16) and it went rather smoothly for something that was just a spur of the moment. There was a few moments that it got a little hectic but we managed to keep it together for a very successful event. Congratulations to the members who obtained a Pendant :D.

It's been a while since we've done an LS event like this, but it went rather well so you may be seeing more things like this in the near future.

WOOT! Angel finally get's his Ungerang ^^

Bosmacky, Oct 10, 08 10:08 PM.
After days and days of camping the elusive Unger, Angel finally managed get himself the Ungur Boomerang he's always wanted. Special thanks goes to Magikalkatz, Moshe, and Marcelino for helping him get it ^_^.

Now Angel can throw his boomerang at all the poor little goblins in the Dunes to try and skill up his throwing :P

Congratulations Angel!

Joyeuse, WOOT!

Bosmacky, Aug 11, 08 10:17 AM.

So me and Magikalkatz decided to head down to Sea Serpent Grotto to camp Charybdis so she could get a Joytoy :). I was 75NIN/DNC and she was 75RDM/WHM, which we found out is an [Impossible to Gauge] combination ^_^. I promised her for many years that I would help her a get a Joyeuse and she finally got the sword she's wanted since not long after she started playing.

Charybdis was no problem for us to beat down, although it did take quite a while lol. Congratulations smacky on finally getting your Joytoy :D:D

Chocobo Racing Trophy

Bosmacky, Jul 30, 08 7:42 PM.

Congratulations to Magikalkatz on her first Chocobo Racing trophy ^^, now she just has to win a few more to get a Pullus Torque (Costume Enchantment - Baby Chocobo). Also to her left you can see she's got a Red Wooden Rocking Chocobo too :D. A very spectacular Mog House.
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