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, fair citizens of Agon, Yssam, Niflheim, Gairn, and Rubaiyat.
A new republic is being forged... The Republic of Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR). All across the vast world there are barbarians who kill and loot as they please... anarchy is being spread all across our vast world. I speak truthfully when I say to you that this ends now. SPQR Will bring order to our republic, we WILL assimilate those who oppose us, we WILL bring total security to our republic. As I speak now, the military forces of SPQR are assembling to build our new empire. While the Military secures and defends land for us, conquers our enemies, and patrols our waters, our citizens  and crafters will build homes and shops to support the republic. Once you are a member of SPQR, you are protected, and have the freedom to live your life in darkfall.
Roma victor!
-Imperator Joseff


Merry Christmas!

SPQRImperator, Dec 22, 07 3:24 PM.
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SPQR C&C would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
Have a good vacation!

SPQR BF 2 Team

SPQRImperator, Nov 12, 07 1:31 PM.
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SPQR now has a BF 2 Team. Team logo's and banners are will be completed soon. If you want to join the BF 2 Team, post here.

Ministry of Propaganda

SPQRImperator, Sep 23, 07 8:33 PM.
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The ministry of propaganda has been formed. More info on this special sect of C&C will be coming soon.

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No shouts have been added yet.

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