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LMA Can Change Your Life!
Aug 28, 07 3:35 PM
Tomorrow is Karazhan!
Aug 24, 07 1:47 PM
Happy Birthday
Aug 23, 07 9:51 AM
Aug 21, 07 2:09 PM
First Weekend, Prince Malchezaar Down!
Aug 20, 07 4:43 PM
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Welcome to the website of <Light of Mu'sha and An'she>, a World of Warcraft guild located on the Archimonde Server!

The guild was founded on the principles of fun and casual gaming while maintaining a professional feel.

If you are curious as to what the guild name means, please check it out in the General Forums.  Mythology!

Guild Members:

New Members: If you are trying to figure out how to register for the website, see the walk-through located in the information section or by clicking here: Register!

We are currently looking for gifted Guild Member to help us design a visually stimulating and, to be honest, pretty darn cool looking banner to put at the top of our website!  Take out your markers, paints, or photoshop and get designing!  show the image in our forums and we'll place the best right up top!  BANNER!


Please feel welcome to browse what our website has to offer!  If you are interested in joining, please check out the recruitment forums, found here: Recruitment!

Have fun, thank you for visiting!  Be well!
Other Guild News

LMA Can Change Your Life!

539112647_Inactive, Aug 28, 07 3:35 PM.
LMA is a wonderful product that can change your life!  No longer will you wait in instances for weeks at a time without so much as seeing an adventurer!  So far there are many very satisfied customers, including famous celebrity mobs such as Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, The Curator, Prince Malchezaar and our latest customer, Terestian Illhoof!

Mr. Illhoof has recently submitted some before and after pictures so you can see how amazing LMA can be for you!

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Thanks for considering LMA for your life changing needs!  Mr. Nightbane and Mr. Netherspite, we look forward to seeing you this week about our wonderful product.  We hope you enjoy it this upcoming weekend!

-Arch Druid Antiquus

Tomorrow is Karazhan!

539112647_Inactive, Aug 24, 07 1:47 PM.
Tomorrow is our next Karazhan run!  Everyone be ready for invites at 3:30p server time!

And Remember!
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(You're guild leader loves you so much he dresses like a lady to encourage you all!)

Happy Birthday

539112647_Inactive, Aug 23, 07 9:51 AM.
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Everyone congratulate Largecow on his Ding 21!!!!!

Don't get too hung over on us, Kara is still on Saturday!

(Psst, just so you all know, this is a birthday cake I found on google!  Pretty dern cool, huh?)


539112647_Inactive, Aug 21, 07 2:09 PM.
New Roster Page is up!!!!!!

Check it out!

First Weekend, Prince Malchezaar Down!

539112647_Inactive, Aug 20, 07 4:43 PM.
Congratulations LMA!

Our first day (Saturday) wasn't the prettiest run the server has seen, but yesterday (Sunday) has definately made up for it.  Be proud members, not every guild kills all the required bosses of Karazhan on their first week.  Soon we will add Netherspite, Illhoof, and Nightbane to our list of downed bosses!

Special Thanks to Everyone who attended!!!!

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