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Joining our guild

Preferred acceptance into our guild is from knowing someone in the guild in real life or from running with them in game. Outside of these two options, to be invited into the guild a player needs to fill out an application form. Next he/she will be contacted by a DOF member within 3 days from filling the application. After in-game interview the player will be invited and put into initiate mode for a set period of time. The outcome of that will result in either promotion to full membership or removal from the guild.

Tips to get accepted:

  • Showing friendly attitude.
  • Staying active after being invited to the guild.
  • Bringing beer or donuts to officers.
  • Impressing other members with personal coolness.

Removal from guild

  • A player will be removed due to:
  • Long and unannounced out of the game period. (We are not kicking players that go to vacations, even 6 months ones, as long as they stay in touch with the guild.)
  • Insulting, harassing, personal attacks on the other guild members or generally bad behavior. (Whenever possible, please steer clear of "Hot Button" topics such as Religion and Politics in Gen. Chat and Vent.) Our Guild doesn't need to accidentally start a Holy War =)
  • Breaking guild rules, raid rules or Blizzard’s policies.

Guild Roles

Guild Leader

    • Responsible for guild PR, final conflict resolution and keeping officers/players on task.


    • Raid Leader – managing the raid tactics.
    • Raid Organizers - Responsible for organizing the raids, creating the raid schedule and gathering general guild consensus on preferred raid content.
    • Warden – Responsible for moderating the forums, resolving problems and issues between members, hunting new members and evaluating their behavior and skills.


    • Original founding members of the guild.
    • Able to assist with Officer Role as need be.
PVP Arena Leader

    • Responsible for organizing the PVP Arena teams, creating the arena schedule and managing the arena tactics.


    • Player’s main character.
    • A player can only have one main character. If they want to change their main they will need to contact an officer or founder to get approval.


    • Player’s alt character(s)


    • Player on surveillance either because of being a new member or because of having been demoted. After a set amount of time (one to two week most commonly), the player is either promoted to Main/Alt or is removed from the guild. Overall performance and behavior during that period will determine the outcome.


    • Player’s banker character

Promotions and demotions

  • Players will be promoted from Initiate to Main/Alt when they have been evaluated and voted on by the Officers/Founders to become a full member.

Raid Rules

  • All raids are open to guild members.
  • Raids will be deemed either progression raid or farming/alt raid.
    • Progression raids will try to complete new content. Mains and top performers will be used to be successful.
    • Farming or alt raids will be used to gather gear for less geared players as well as to develop players’ skills.
  • Raids are arranged for times and dates when Officers and/or Founders are available to enable a successful raid.
  • Raids will be posted on the in game calendar 2-5 days before the Raid.
  • To attend raids, raid members must sign-up for the raid in game or thru http://wowarmory.com. Please note that this does not guarantee a place in the raid. All raids have requirements for successful completion. This will dictate how many of each class is required.
  • If after signing up, you cannot make the raid, please change your status in game or through http://wowarmory.com. If you are unable to do this please contact another guild member by phone or email.
  • All Raid Members must use Ventrilo and essential add-ons. Raid members who do not have these installed and working will be asked to leave the raid.
  • ONLY the raid leader will create the raid group.
  • The raid leader will start forming the group 15 before the raid start time.
  • If you are not selected to go on the run the raid leader or officer will let you know. It will also be noted that you were ready and will have priority on future raids.
  • If you turn up needing repair, without the correct equipment or with PvP gear on, you may be omitted from the raid.
  • The Raid signup indicates the duration of time that the raid will take.
  • Do not sign-up knowing that you cannot stay for the full duration as you are taking a spot from someone who can.
  • You shall always listen and obey the Raid Leaders instructions. During the Raid, he is GOD. Persistent failure to do this may lead to members being removed from the raid as 1 person should not spoil it for others.
  • If you have a comment to make then please whisper an officer or the Raid Leader.
  • If you need a break then let the Raid Leader now and set yourself to AFK. IF you are AFK for longer than 15 minutes then you may be removed from the raid.
  • We use a master looter for all epic or greater drops.
  • During looting, please keep the Raid Channel and Ventilo clear otherwise errors could happen.
  • Do not lock yourself to non official 10 or 25 man Raids without permission. During raiding some 10-mans will be designated farm whereby Guild and normal PUGS allowed. Locking yourself limits a Raid Leaders choice if there are not enough people for the intended target.

Raid Loot

Loot will be handled by the raid leader and officers with Master Looter.

Our loot order is designed for the good of the guild. If it can improve the guilds ability to complete new content we will do so. These rules apply to epics and greater quality gear including BOEs.

Order of Loot disbursement

1. Main - main spec

2. Alt - main spec

3. Main – off spec

4. Alt - off spec

5. Roll if BOE

6. DE and/or Roll

These rules apply to characters in instance at time of drop. All rolls for BOE are open to all players in instance with no preference to characters not in the instance at time of drop.

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