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From your favorite Motivational tool from the Underworld, 
                                        ~ Sir : "Take life, gather souls, and eat the dead."

Welcome to BAD, also in full name called "Balls, Attitude & Direction" is a guild that was formed by me do to the way my game play has changed on Eternal Lands. Anyways, if you would like to see our rules and all of that bull shit. Then check out the Information section on this site.

Now, as for the tag name BAD.. Some may wonder why have I choosen this? When obviously its going to cause some type of humorous replies from others. Well thats one reason. Another reason is because the tag "BAD" is a acroynm.. Meaning Balls, Attitude & Direction. Read below to see the definations.

BallsBravery, courage, chutzpah, or brazenness; Rubbish, nonsense; Very. Intensifier

AttitudeWay of thinking, behaving, feeling, etc

Direction - A general course along which something has a tendency to develop

What kind of guild is this you may ask? This is a guild that does everything. BAD only has simple rules. Anything outside of that is fair game. We do PK, we do harvest, we do serp enemy spawns, we do bag jump enemies, we do alch, we do what ever it is that you find fun. You will never be told "you must do this or that" while in BAD. Instead, you'll be told "go have fun, just make sure ya stick with in our guide lines." Which honestly, allows ya to do almost anything ya want lolz. Just don't get banned from the game is all I ask for the most part.

Lastly. We play to have fun. We joke a lot, and enjoy a good flame war from time to time and enjoy a good prank as well. Theres not to many things we take completely seriously. And if you are the serious type. Your probally not going to like us lolz.

If you would like to join BAD. Please check out the "Join Guild BAD" area of this website.
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