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Sep 19, 05 11:43 AM
Website up and open for commennts
Sep 19, 05 7:41 AM


Welcome to the proposed home of the European players of Dark Age of Camelot on the Co-Op server Gaheris.

No guild exists yet but a group of 4 friends have just moved from the European server Prydwen (we all played in Hibernia) in search of a different gaming experience. We are currently with The Emerald Dragons but we are finding it a little frustrating that just about all the events start at about midnight which none of us finds as a good time especially when work demands our alert attendance only a few hours later.

I have started this Guild portal page to gather information about any other players who may be in a similar position. The idea would be to either start a guild where who is primarily European in player base so that keep raids etc can be organised at more sociable times or if the felling is that most would like to stay with their existing guilds then we can use this site to organise and inform each other about raids and events that are being organised at more sociable times.

Please go to the forums section and have your say.




537361168_Inactive, Sep 19, 05 11:43 AM.
Playing around with GP features.

Website up and open for commennts

537094177_Inactive, Sep 19, 05 7:41 AM.
Just started the new website for the European players on the Gaheris server.

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