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Welcome to Fumble!
Fumble is an Alliance guild on the Crushridge server. We raid Karazhan weekly (now full clearing) and have just begun on Gruul's with a composite group that downed High King Maulgar after only 3 attempts. We have one very solid Kara group, and hope to have another one formed soon. We hope to move on to SSC within several weeks, either with a composite guild makeup or (hopefully) with our own members. We are by no means "hardcore raiders", but we are all relatively skilled players and make a strong effort to progress ourselves and the guild as a whole. We only accept serious, dedicated applicants for raiding positions.

Raid Times
Karazhan: Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm Server
Other raid times TBA

Our Namesake
We are not affiliated with the guild Humble. We are not making fun of Humble by calling ourselves Fumble. The name "Fumble" stands for "Fake Humble", meaning that while we respect Humble, we are not claiming to be like them in any way, except in sharing the letters "umble" in our guild name, belonging to Crushridge, and being a raiding guild.
Other Guild News

Fumble downs Nightbane!

538918748_Inactive, Aug 19, 07 4:52 AM.
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