The Ruffian Band
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We are a friendly, loyal bunch of people that are always looking out for each other. We value each other's company and,  commitment to the guild.

We are a young guild, but growing. We're always looking for friendly,  RvR-commited players. If you want to join our close net family, then we will be more than happy to invite you into the guild on a probationary basis. We are an American based guild, with some international coverage.
The Guild is based on Hiberina - Ywain10.

Good luck with defending the realm. See you in game soon.

Great Job in January all!!!!

Lasraren, Jan 22, 08 11:16 PM.
RP goal fr January was hit in about 9 days!!!! Great Job all....We will let you all know what the goal is for February. :)  And I urge all members to go to the members forum and read the RvR issues thread... a lot of Good Advice from some of our traditionally RvR centered players.


RP Goal for December Reached!!!

Lasraren, Dec 30, 07 7:05 PM.
Outstanding Job to Everyone!!!  We busted our RP goal this month with less than 2 days to spare.  Great Job EVERYONE!!!!!  The Ruffian Band has over 15,000,000 Guild Realm Points in less than 4 months.  We are going to lower the bar a tad. I think. and our new RP Goal for January is 16,500,000.  We should blow that out of the water.  Again, Great Job to all of the Ruffians!!!


RP Goal for December

Lasraren, Dec 5, 07 7:41 PM.
The Goal for Guild RP's is now 15,000,000 RP's.  Right now we have 12,820,551 RP's.   We should be able to hit this goal pretty easily if we all do our part.  Good Job last month guys all in all I think we could have done a lot better, but the cards didn't fall that way.  I just encourage everyone to get out there and play your toons in RvR if you haven't done so already.  and not just one or two runs till you die and then switch toons, cause you're dying.  If you don't know how to peel and you play a shield class, please learn.  If you have a habit of casting AoE spells and breaking mezz...the only way you're going to get better is by grouping up and running on that toon.   Good Luck all!!  And Keep up the Good Work!!!!!!

Goodbye from Zake

Zake Aly, Nov 14, 07 11:34 PM.
Well all, it's been fun.  Just a piece of advice:  STAY IN SCHOOL! (looks at Aluucard).  Hehe, as most of you know, I dropped out of my current college and my mum's pretty pissed, so she's taking my laptop away from me until I'm enrolled again and doing good in school.  School begins January 17, and it will probably be a 1-3 months afterwards until I'm back.  But I swear guys, I "will" be back.  Until then, don't let Mike work you all to hard :)  Well, I love you guys a whole lot, your all like my 2nd, you guys "are" my 2nd family.  We ride together, we die together... or at least go out cursing at the freaking Mids.

Good luck guys, and you all better be here when I get back.

Peace guys!

Ventrilo Upgrade

OfficerAlebhani, Nov 14, 07 11:55 AM.
Ventrilo has been upgraded to Ventrilo 3.0. This does nothing for most of you but gives the admin(s) a little more control over vent. All YOU need to do is download the most recent CLIENT for ventrilo at

Until EACH of you speak to me (Mike) Individually, your name will show up as (GUEST) don't let this alarm you or make you think you did anything wrong. With the new version of ventrilo I guess there are a bunch of RANKS that I can make on the vent server. I am still looking into these. You CANNOT remove this comment so don't bother trying. I'll talk to you individually as quickly as I can to get this solved. From what I remove the (Guest) you have to have a password assigned now for EACH INDIVIDUAL so the server recognizes you as a non-guest member to the server. THIS is what I will be discussing with you all.

I hope you folks read the website or you'll be wondering why you can't get in vent :P

November RP Goal

OfficerAlebhani, Oct 26, 07 3:48 AM.
12,000,000 is the mark to hit by Nov.30

Achieved Nov. 27. This is sad folks, because we set this goal 2 weeks before November started and, we were 2,000,000 into it before the first. It took us almost a month to get 2m RP? NOT ACCEPTABLE for an rvr guild. The goal wasn't POSTED until the 26th?? or so, but I had been telling people in vent and guild chat what the goal was. Come on guys/gals.

RP Goal Reached For October

OfficerAlebhani, Oct 21, 07 11:20 AM.
8,000,000 Total Guild RP's for TRB as of Oct. 20.

We reached our goal 10 days early. Guess next month we'll have to bump it up a bit more huh?


Sign up for the Guild Tournament!

Zake Aly, Sep 28, 07 12:23 PM.
The Guild Tournament is underway!  However, we need contestants!

Email with your character selections now!
Check out the thread under the Members Forums for more information.

Good luck guys!

ps: Beware the Zake, the big bad Zake!

RP's Take 2

OfficerAlebhani, Sep 27, 07 6:59 AM.
Ok Guys/Gals, we're @ 4,000,000+ in just a little over 4 weeks, let's hit 4.5 by the end of the month and surpass Gnomeland Security!!!!

Edit: We did it!!! 4.5 million RP in just over 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  New Goal will be set this week for October.


Lasraren, Sep 15, 07 12:34 AM.
We broke the 2,000,000 Guild RP at our three week mark guys good job!!!!
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Great Job in January all!!!!
Jan 22, 08 11:16 PM
RP Goal for December Reached!!!
Dec 30, 07 7:05 PM
RP Goal for December
Dec 5, 07 7:41 PM
Goodbye from Zake
Nov 14, 07 11:34 PM
Ventrilo Upgrade
Nov 14, 07 11:55 AM
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