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Rise of Darkness

Welcome to Rise of Darkness!
An Everquest Guild on the Bristlebane Server

This is a casual-focused Eastern Standard Time (EST) based guild.
Our purpose is to make grouping and content fun and accessable
to a core group players who may play often or irregularly.

Many things are encouraged in our guild. Very little is required.

The remainder of the guild charter
can be found under the headings in the Information box.


2011 Update

Daedalice, Apr 6, 11 11:04 PM.
Rise of Darkness is presently inactive... we're fooling around on the Vulak'Aerr TLP server.

Will there ever be a 4th Rising? Time will tell...

Veeshan's Peak

Daedalice, Jul 1, 08 7:16 PM.
RoD Adventurers survived their first foray into Veeshan's Peak today. Venril Sathir was pleased by the attempt, but clearly our hunting party requires more seasoning before engaging in a serious campaign here.

In giant territory

539129413_Inactive, Jun 28, 08 3:45 AM.
Rise of Darkness covert agent and master monk Cazus ventured deep into the Ice giant fortress, Kael Drakkal.  After slaying the beasts that stood in his way he approached the famed King Tormax's throne room, only to find the fiend was not present. 

Continuing deeper through the massive halls of ice Cazus heard the sounds of a vicious battle.  Approaching cautiously he passed through a secret wall and has greeted by the 30 foot tall Avatar of War.   Luckily, this formidable opponent was already being handled by several members of the guild <Veeshan's Fury>. 

Cazus took note of their power as they aptly handled the Avatar.  Upon his quick demise he congratulated the heroic party on their victory.  These kind folk saw it fit to share the spoils of their victory, and thus let Cazus remove a power ring from the slain beast. 

Shortly thereafter the party vanished, having moved on to their newest target.  Left alone with the slain husk of the mighty Avatar Cazus removed the last of it's treasure, a powerful bow, if only to annoy the halfling ranger Haeo with his bragging at the next Rise of Darkness guild dinner.

For Carnage and Ale

Daedalice, Jun 18, 08 3:07 PM.
Reports surfacing from Butcherblock Mountains tell of young RoD agents taking to the furious blade. Investigators on the scene found corpses and broken throwing axes across a wide area, as well as numerous empty ale and short beer bottles.

Villainous Spleunkers!

Daedalice, Jun 2, 08 5:08 PM.
RoD members began a tentative exploration of the Plane of Earth. The roaming fauna was no match for our small band, but the nefarious Spleunkers contained us into a limited area... for now.
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