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Welcome to the Terrean Unity Corps Guildportal!

The Terrean Unity Corps is the premier Clan for Richard Garotts Tabula Rasa! This is the main Datahub for the Clan. Here you will find all of the information and resources you will need for not only the Clan, but the game as well. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to make your presence known on the Datalinks and other Guildportal feedback avenues. If you are a guest, you will need to register for a free account on to access the features of the Clan Guildportal or apply. Please register using the name of your main character. If you are interested in joining the Terrean Unity Corps, please log in and take a moment to explore the site, then fill out the application located at the - Join Terrean Unity Corps - link at the top of your browser.  After you have submitted the application, please proceed to the Open Datalinks to schedule an assessment. If you are accepted into the Clan you'll have full rights to the Guildportal and access to many other restricted features here!
Clan News

TR on the PS3?

539150191_Inactive, Sep 12, 07 3:39 PM.
From gamespot:
"On October 16, NCsoft will end the more than six-year wait of gamers to scribble on lauded game designer Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. Though the sci-fi massively multiplayer online game isn't currently slated to appear on the PlayStation 3, a strong possibility of such occurrence was raised during this year's E3 Media and Business Summit, when Sony announced it would be partnering with NCsoft on several unspecified games for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable."

read on here

Instance/Logos Run! Follow-Up

539128805_Inactive, Sep 8, 07 5:48 PM.
The second Clan Event was over all great! We all met in Alia Das and took a great photo by the waterfall, and then broke into two teams for a little competitive Logos runs. We were plagued by lag and broken quests, and in the end we regrouped, and had a good huddle. As I said the over all goal was to get the members face to face and to make a show of our awesome Clan!

Holding Clan Established.

539128805_Inactive, Sep 8, 07 1:58 PM.
Due to the extent of the bug that will not allow us to reform the Clan, Central Command decided to operate under the name Terrean Unity Corps Aux. until it is fixed. There is a potential we will have this Clan name until the next wipe, but it is only temporary. So on that note, the Clan is up, please find myself or Captain Dredgel to rejoin the Clan as soon as possible. Tonights event will go as planned. It will be good to see Clan chat up again, no?

Clan Name not Available

539128805_Inactive, Sep 7, 07 3:07 PM.
Sadly there is a bug in game right now that won't let any Clan reform. Due to this we all have no real way of mass communication and everyone is mostly solo. I have filed a petition with the GM's and it is being worked on. Until then, there are many of us in game and groups are still being formed, just search out your friends and tough it out until things are fixed. If this persists we might reschedual the events for tomarrow. More to come as I find out.

This just in!

539150191_Inactive, Sep 6, 07 11:10 AM.
Today NCSoft has announced the official release date for Richard Garriotts Tabula Rasa.  It is October 19. 2007 and the preorder users get to start on the 16th of october.  Get ready, war with the bane begins in 40 days!


Also there is a new design for the website and the NDA has been officially lifted.  You can now talk about the game, take screenshots and share them.  Enjoy =D.

- Dredgel
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