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*Important changes to buffs in WOTLK*
Aug 29, 08 8:22 AM
Equilibrium's First Rare Mount Drops!
Jul 25, 08 12:41 AM
WotLK Talent Calculator
Jul 18, 08 9:27 AM
Happy 4th of July!
Jul 4, 08 7:49 AM
Happy Canada Day!
Jul 2, 08 8:40 AM
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elcome Guest To Equilibrium's New Website!

            Equilibrium is a relatively new guild Horde-side on the Dunemaul server, and we are currently raiding in Karazhan and Zul'Aman. Although fairly new as a guild, many of our members stem from “Legacy Reborn” and  "Bound by Carnage," both being top raid guilds on the Cenarius and Dunemaul servers respectively pre-Burning Crusade. This experience has without doubt been of great value in our own raids, which are progressing quickly.  

            Equilibrium promotes a fun atmosphere of gameplay, but also a mature one.  All our members are expected to conduct themselves in game as they would on the outside, with good manners and a polite temperament.

            Our stance on raiding is by no means a die-hard one (yes, there is life outside WoW), and we will employ a somewhat casual raid schedule, (1 to 3 nights a week) based solely around when we are able to gather enough members on any given night for a raid.

            Equilibrium members also enjoy the PvP side of things (after all, if killing alliance doesn’t make the world go ‘round, what else does?).  If any of you think this sounds like the guild you’ve been looking for, click on the link in the "Join Us" section in the top right hand side of this page or post in our recruitment forums and one of our officers will get in touch with you.  In the mean time, welcome to our site, have a look around, and enjoy!

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*Important changes to buffs in WOTLK*

Easy Kill, Aug 29, 08 8:22 AM.
*Please note that these changes are still in testing phase in the Beta and may change before they go live*

Here's the link>>>

Equilibrium's First Rare Mount Drops!

Easy Kill, Jul 25, 08 12:41 AM.
Grats to Abomanation on Attumen's Stead, Midnight!

WotLK Talent Calculator

Easy Kill, Jul 18, 08 9:27 AM.

Happy 4th of July!

Easy Kill, Jul 4, 08 7:49 AM.

Happy Canada Day!

Easy Kill, Jul 2, 08 8:40 AM.
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