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Welcome to Dark Sanctity

Dark Sanctity is not a super-serious "Holy-spec'ed Priest only" guild. We encourage our members to play here for fun, and thus, to play the characters they enjoy playing. We are not a serious raiding guild that requires you to try out and play your character superbly to secure a spot with us.

WHAT WE ARE: Dark Sanctity is a mature and drama free Guild Family. We're a new Alliance guild, dedicated to finding players who are willing to commit to our goals of teamwork, strategy, and "group before individual" mentality. We're a fun loving group who are available to help when needed, whether it be questing, instancing or just someone to talk to.

Our immediate focus would be to grow the guild from the ground up, dedicated in doing this the right way! We plan to do the best we can to help members, both old and new, to enjoy the game in friendly, pressure-free atmosphere.

In this guild, it is the players that matter, not what they play. Too often you hear stories about a guild kicking someone or not accepting someone because they can't play their toon flawlessly, or because they won't respec their Balance Druid to Resto. That will not be the case here - and if you think that should the focus of this guild, please, move along for both of our benefits.

That being said... eventually, when our membership can support it, we'd -like- to participate in end game raiding content. With an eye to that future, we're currently scheduling regular dungeon groups to work on strategy and tactics. This not only helps us in our eventual raiding goal, but also allows us to get to know our members better! We're interested in our members as people, not just as characters!

Remember: It's just a game. If you aren't enjoying it, make the changes you need to do so.

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