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Artemis Incorporation
Research • Development • Manufacturing

Offering products and services aimed at making your EVE-life a little easier.
A few of the ways in which we may be able to accomplish this for you are by…

• Providing highly-researched BPC’s.
(We have 1000’s of high ME BPC’s in stock and 100’s of researched BPO’s in our growing library)

• Providing T2 BPC invention.
(Many module and weapon T2 BPC’s in-stock, and T2 ship invention coming soon)

• Providing contracted research services.
(Up to 120 simultaneous; jobs 30 ME, 30 PE, 10 copy and 50 invention)

• Providing production services.
(Up to 50 simultaneous manufacturing jobs done with production efficiency V toons)

• Providing contracted mass mining op’s
(fielding up to 6 exhumers with a combined maximum yield of 265 ice blocks or 660,000 M3 raw ore per/hour)

• Providing contracted mass hauling op’s.
(Fielding up to 3 T2 transports and 2 freighters, 39,000 M3 per transport and 940,000 M3 per freighter ) 


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