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Welcome to the Alliance of Friends, a group of guilds, and individuals who wish to remain unguilded, rather than a guild unto itself. Our job here is to protect the rights of the independent smaller guild and individuals by providing opportunities to raid, quest, and grow at all levels of the game. We welcome all guilds and individuals that wish to share their time and are willing to help plan events. We need people who wish to become raid leaders and coaches. We have a chat channel on the server that you are welcome to join. Just type /join alliance and it will attach you to us in the game. There are no tags and no obligations. Please remember that basic civility is the responsiblity of everyone. Our organization is not a recruiting channel. The best policy for joining a guild is to go research many of them before chosing one. We are an association of many. All are welcome. There are no dues, there are no fees, and you don't have to wait in line. Expand your opportunities and come hunt with us. Groups, raids, and pickups at your service.

Shawl Crawl wipes or reaps?

Kaeladr, Jan 8, 07 6:36 PM.
Apparantly there was a crawl this weekend. Since there is no news coming from the shawlers, we can only assume they were wiped out in a cloud of snow. =(

Spooooky Castle Follow-Up

Kaeladr, Oct 26, 05 11:08 PM.
On October 23rd, Eloween led a fun yet chilling raid upon the Coterie fortress, located deep in the Tenebrous Mountains.  A brave ranger pulled each Vampire as it appeared, while the others managed to deal with surprise attacks or confronted the intended vampires directly.  Coterie Centurions, Coterie Legionnaires, Coterie Generals, and Coterie Scouts all fell before the invaders.  Even Xenithen Sterbla, Trilexior Aeridia, and Renaldok Masric were no match for Eloween's gathered band of attackers.  The final escapade for the group was a daring plunge from the top most balcony of castle as they returned to their home base.
- Ringo, bard of The Village, roaming reporter.

Happy Holidays to All

Hissistor, Dec 24, 04 8:10 AM.
Enjoy some family time. Take a walk in the real world. Look at the stars and ponder the questions many have asked. But mostly, have a happy holiday and go forward into the new year with my good wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.


Hissistor, Dec 3, 04 7:29 PM.
See the post in the forums about the chat channels being open. Type /join alliance to join the channel. Then type /1 and your message and you get to join in the fun. /autojoin alliance will sign you in automatically when you sign on each time. HAVE FUN CHATTING!!

Raiding vs. Spontaneous Pick Up Groups

Hissistor, Oct 8, 04 9:03 AM.
A raid is very different than a pickup group or raid. Planning, maps, and commitments to positions occur when planning a raid. Spontaneous calls of "Let's go kill something" with little knowledge of the area happen in a pickup. Both types of grouping are fun and some people respond more to one type or another. We'll send out calls of pickup over /gu chat. Raids will be posted on our calendar. Have fun, kill often.
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