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Raid Conduct and Requirements

matoch, Jan 25, 09 11:30 AM.
  • When invited to a raid you are expected to start making your way to the dungeon immediately.
  • Please refrain from posting loot in guild chat out of respect for those who we were not able to fit into the raid on that particular day.
  • Discrepencies on loot or anything related to a raid run. All issues related to a guild run should not be posted in the guild or the raid chat. All complaints issues etc should be brought up in private to the raid leader once the raid has been completed.
  • It is unacceptable to criticize raid members in public. All issues should be discussed in private or with the raid leader and an officer or GM, so they may address the situation.
  • DAMAGE METERS WILL NOT BE POSTED IN GUILD CHAT AT ANY TIME. This could result in the poster being dropped into a disciplinary┬áchannel and or removal from the guild.
Required Raid Mods
Deadly Boss Mods
Group Calendar

The best way to get these is to download a program called WOW Matrix. This program finds the mods you have, allows you to download new ones as well as tell you when new versions of your mods are available.

How does Suicide Kings work?

The basic idea is verysimple: you run one or more ordered lists of players. You get todevelop the rules that say which list is used for which loots/sets ofcircumstances. When a piece of loot drops, the highest person on theappropriate list that wants the item gets it. That person (the "king")then "commits suicide" (hence, Suicide Kings) and is sent to the bottomof the list, relative to players currently present on the raid.It's that last part that is most confusing to most people. Players noton the raid are frozen in their same position relative to the top ofthe list when a suicide occurs. Everyone else moves "around" them. Thatmeans if the bottom player on the list is not present, then thesuiciding player won't go all the way to the bottom. Likewise if thetop player is not present, he/she stays at the top. This, we believe,is a fair way to account for attendance and reward good attendance,without overly penalizing those that cannot raid all the time.
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