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Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion; I gain strength.
Through strength; I gain power.
Through power; I gain victory.
Through victory; my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

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Welcome to the realm of the Esoteric Cult of Darkness.  We are a secret sect of Dark Force users in the Starsider galaxy of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided who follow the teachings and traditions of the Sith.  We crave for a total Dark Side theocracy, believing that only those that can control the Force should rule the galaxy and all those who are not Force-sensitive should be made into slaves.

We do follow the Rule of Two to the extent that there can only be two Dark Lords, those being Darth Sidious and Darth Vader; however, we believe Darth Sidious has yet to enact his ultimate plan for the galaxy, so in the mean time, we remain in the shadows waiting and manipulating galactic events as we see fit, using Sith magick and assassination techniques.


Sinya'una, Aug 16, 08 5:29 PM.
I have returned from my pilgrimage to the dark, twisted swamps of Dromund Kaas.  The Esoteric Cult of Darkness, as it has in the past, has all but dissipated back from whence it came.  I have heard, however, that Master Azraiel has gotten involved with some other dark brotherhood.  All I know is that they pose as Teras Kasi Monks, and they refer to themselves as The Remnants of Bogan.  I will investigate them and destroy them if I must!


Sinya'una, May 13, 08 2:38 AM.
The cold, black halls of the Dark Academy have witnessed an explosion of anger recently....

Forum Cleanup

Sinya'una, Apr 9, 08 1:17 PM.
I wasn't aware of the thread limit of only 10, so I deleted a bunch of old threads and changed the instructions to direct applicants to reply to the applications sticky post in the Creation of Monsters forum instead.

Also, since I don't want to delete the stories in the Holocron forum, I decided to unlock the threads in the same forum (our current members' apps) so that we may add to our own stories and backgrounds there instead, if anyone so chooses.
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