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Apostles of the Phoenix
Happy New Year
Jan 2, 08 12:03 AM
Group 2 > Prince
Dec 23, 07 1:02 AM
Sep 28, 07 8:08 PM
We have a website!
Aug 27, 07 3:31 PM
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Welcome everyone to the Apostles of the Phoenix web page!

Know that this is going to be used mostly for raid sign-ups, instances, and other assorted things, and it will probably constantly be changing. Using a website to sign ups will make things easier for everyone, so that you can see who is already coming a long, how many openings there are etc. If anybody sees something wrong with the site, or feels they can improve upon it, feel free to tell me. I am always open for suggestions. =D

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Happy New Year

539210134_Inactive, Jan 2, 08 12:03 AM.

Group 2 > Prince

539356490_Inactive, Dec 23, 07 1:02 AM.


539141639_Inactive, Sep 28, 07 8:08 PM.
O.O The Immortals would like to make a statement. That statement is, have a fun weekend, and may the epics be with you! ~salute~

We have a website!

539141639_Inactive, Aug 27, 07 3:31 PM.
Huzzah, I've finally gotten off my lazy behind and got the website up and running. It's still a bit messy, but as I have said before, it will always be a work in progress.
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