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Eternal choas 90+
Pking rules
Aug 26, 07 9:29 AM
General rules
Aug 26, 07 9:28 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Aug 25, 07 9:17 AM

        Welcome to Eternal chaos.
This is a very new clan and we hope to become a clan with alot of members and have a good reputation for pking.

We do many events such as...
Castle Wars
Fight Pits
Pking p2p and f2p
KBD hunting
Fishing (Skill drive)
Woodcutting (Skill drive)
Agility (skill drive)
Kalphite Queen (If you have veracs)
Duel Tournaments
Pest Control
Clan meetings
Chaos elemental
Giant mole hunting
Barbarian assault

And more!!

Our clan uses GMT time, you can join even if you don’t use this timezone but please work out for yourself what time events will be for you.

HomeWorld = 65

Clan cape = 36

Founded = 20/8/07

Clan chat = Matt money5

Pking rules

538780015_Inactive, Aug 26, 07 9:29 AM.
<><><><> Pking rules <><><><>
1 • If we do encounter any other clans atack the same person as the leader
2 • Always were our clan capes (36)
3 • No backstabbing
4 • Do not say the world we're hopping to out loud
5 • Tell the clan where you are going if you have to teleport/log out

General rules

538780015_Inactive, Aug 26, 07 9:28 AM.
<><><><> General rules <><><><>
1 • Obey all Jagex rules
2 • Do not multi-clan *
3 • Listen to your leaders
4 • Come to at least 3 events a week, or you will be sweeped
5 • Keep this thread bumped
6 • No spamming or flaming
8 • Have fun

* You are allowed to be in pest control clans though aswell as they do not interfere with our events

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

538780015_Inactive, Aug 25, 07 9:17 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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