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  • Based out of Outpost Epsilon on Lok and the Imperial Stardestroyer Battle group of the Reliance; the 121st Legion, Imperial Task Force Aurek is a unit meant for Counter-Insurgency Operations. It consists of a single platoon of two squads that are highly trained, highly dedicated Stormtroopers and their Commanders. This whole task force is run independently from higher Imperial Command, Stormtrooper Command and given directly high-profile missions. Utilizing real-time information and resources from the Imperial Security Bureau, Imperial Intelligence, recon patrols and droids to help combat the enemy and direct unit movements.

  • This "behind-the-scenes" Stormtrooper unit tries to not make itself known with Over patrolling of local areas it is best not to mistake it for a regular local garrison. Everyone here specializes in deterring and routing anti-Imperial propaganda, crushing underground insurgencies, harassing and routing enemy Special Forces, ship to ship boarding parties, dealing with Force Sensitive targets, and sabotaging by both conventional and unconventional means.

  • The members are proficient in different vital roles, such medics, snipers, gunners, demolitionists, computer and communication specialists. Each trooper is solely dedicated to his or her job to complete the mission as a whole. Primarily the taskforce is usually hot dropped into the mission area and operates covertly or overtly, striking swiftly and efficiently. This deadly taskforce has been formed to combat the ever emerging threat of rebel special forces and the terrorist-like guerilla tactics of insurgent cells around the entire known galaxy.

    • Amphibious and deep ground surveillance.
    • Assisting in specialized technical missions such as Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radio, sensors and beacons, etc.
    • Assisting in ordnance delivery (i.e., designating targets for close air support, artillery and naval gunfire).
    • Conducting direct action raids, such as Tibbana gas platforms (TIPLATS) raids, Ship to Ship Raids, and the capture of specific personnel or sensitive materials.
    • Counter Insurgency Operations
    • Behind Enemy Lines Assault
    • Deep Reconnaissance
    • Hostage/prisoner of war rescue.
    • Unconventional warfare
    • Foreign Internal Defense
    • Counter-Terrorism

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