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Kristal 75 BLU

AvelonFFXI, Feb 24, 08 12:47 PM.
Congratulations Kristal on obtaining lvl 75 BLU!!!! WTG!

Evenie in Sky!

AvelonFFXI, Jan 31, 08 12:26 PM.
Congratulations to Evenie on Sky access!!!

New Sky Meat!

AvelonFFXI, Jan 20, 08 7:57 AM.
Congratulations to Raist, Kristal, Speck, Dajnic and Yodokodo on obtaining Sky Access!!

Here are a couple of SS's sorry Raist and Kris, I didnt get SS's when you guys first went up ><

Congratulations Theeviltaru!

AvelonFFXI, Jan 14, 08 9:24 AM.
Congratulations ET on Rank 5!!!

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No alternate text supplied.

AvelonFFXI, Jan 14, 08 9:20 AM.

Here we are trying to get this doggy for some LS members!

No alternate text supplied.

No alternate text supplied.

And here is one of Batman's rolls for a spot in the party!!

No alternate text supplied.

Poor Batman!!! LOL

16 Door fun!!

AvelonFFXI, Jan 4, 08 7:37 AM.
Congratulations to Dajnic and Speck on completing 16 Doors PM!!!

Thank you to Ravenal, Wenddy, Veo, Aurage and Kristal for helping out, if not for you guys we would have wiped (sry I did not get a SS of that to prove it but it did happen!!) so tyvm for helping on this!

No alternate text supplied.

We are going to kill what?

AvelonFFXI, Jan 4, 08 7:33 AM.
Ok so here we are, on our way to Keel the ebil Jazaraat in the graveyard.. Someone should have told us we forgot our clothes!!

No alternate text supplied.

And here we are after dying to said ebil Jazaraat, sobbing and consoling each other as that's what HR members do!!

No alternate text supplied.

We will get this guy for you Sparky that's a promise!!

Sharkbait got PMs done!

AvelonFFXI, Dec 9, 07 3:19 PM.
Congratulations Sharkbait PMs complete!!
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