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Welcome to <Creeps>!

<Creeps> is a small-skirmish oriented Pv(M)P tribe located on the Landroval server in Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO). <Creeps> is comprised of a mixture of grizzled veterans (some whom have played Creeps steadily in LotRO since Open Beta) and enthusiatic semi-newcomers to the "dark side" of LotRO.

Our name says it all. It's who we are. Our mission: to take the "easy" out of "easy-mode" for our opponents.

  • What we are: players who enjoy "Creeping", which means to play Monster Characters in the Ettenmoors Pv(M)P environment contained exclusively within the otherwise PvE-only landscapes of the Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG.

  • What we are not:  Opportunistic "Flippers", who quickly switch sides to gain as much Destiny/ Infamy / Renown for ourselves as possible, based on which side is currently dominating the Ettenmoors.

  • What it's all about: Having fun. Preferably while in a group/raid with other <Creeps>, since there is little benefit to being solo other than occasionally gaining more Infamy for yourself (at the expense of having no one with which to share your experiences).

Don't misunderstand; <Creeps> members do play solo sometimes. But it's the exception, not the rule. The Ettenmoors is a small chunk of the LotRO game world; there is little to do solo as a Creep. Opponents of equal level (50) can rarely be beaten in a 1-vs-1 fight; the game mechanics are heavily tilted in favor of the "Free Peoples" characters, since they are, after all, the heroes of the game lore. And no one wants heroes to lose.

Except us.

At least while they're in the Ettenmoors.

As a rule, <Creeps> members tend to travel about in small Fellowships, typically ones which are configured into a "Raid" setting, making it easier to focus-fire upon targets. However, sometimes while questing standard Fellowships are used, so that quests can be turned in more rapidly. It all depends. The point being, we're not big on being loners. Creeps rely on numbers more than anything, in order to compete with their opponents. Thus, <Creeps> like to be able to see each other on the map, communicate together via the ingame Voice Chat (even if it's just to listen), and just basically hang out together.

Besides, most of us Wargs. We're pack animals!

What our membership rules are: Not many. We just want our members to have fun, hang out, avoid stupid behavior tricks (arguing, yelling, all the stuff commonly called "drama"), and when necessary work together in an organized fashion to Pv(M)P at a skilled level.

We do have a few rules, though. Okay, five. Including:

  1. Leave real life baggage IRL, please. Meaning: Log in with as much of a positive attitude as you can stomach without feeling like Katie Courik. Be ready to exchange greetings, group up, hang out with your homies--so to speak. If you absolutely need to be alone, just be diplomatic. "Need to play solo for awhile. Too much AFK risk." Something along those lines. We won't pry too deep, honest. ;)

  2. Always respect <Creeps> members, even if it's someone you don't really like. Human nature is what it is. Any Tribe with more than two people in it is bound to have personality conflicts. Adults know this, and can deal with it. So must you. <Creeps> members must  always treat each other in a civil fashion. Obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated, and disrespect towards anyone who wears the Tribe nametag above their heads will be frowned upon. Severely. Any conflicts among members should be resolved privately. If a member feels this is not viable, they are to contact an officer and voice their concerns. Start with officers, then contact the leader if the situation is not rectified to your satisfaction. It's what we're all here for. Really.

  3. Never, ever, ever "flip". To "flip"means to log off your Creep from within the Ettenmoors and then return to the Ettenmoors playing a character from the "Free Peoples" within a one (1) hour time period. However, switching from your Freep to your Creep is ok. We WANT you to play your Creep.

  4. Thou shalt not abuse "Trolls". <Creeps> prides itself on the teamwork of its players. Hence, we as a Tribe are very reluctant to reach for the Infamy-sucking, IWIN!!! button known as "Trolls". Members are not forbidden from using Trolls. We simply expect you to not use them hastily. Our basic rule is for members to ask themselves: is there really no other way to win this battle? And is the battle itself important enough to even demand it must be won, using a silly overpowered "Alpha Unit"? If both questions can be answered "yes" with a clean conscience, then go for it. It's your 5K Destiny to spend. Otherwise, wait for more Creeps to show up, or go do something else for awhile until things start to improve.

  5. No use of known exploits which could make the Turbine gods angry. <Creeps> aims to be a respected Tribe, known throughout the LotRO community as being legit players, not exploiting "n00bs" whom are quick to try and abuse "cheats". Hence, we hold our members to a pretty basic standard: if it's something which violates the Turbine "TOS" or which any sane person recognizes as being a "bug" which Turbine will frown highly upon when they discover it, don't do it. End of story. Else you will in all likelihood wind up Tribeless as well as banned... and no one wants to see that happen. :)

Enough, already. That about covers <Creeps>. Anyone who wishes to apply may head over to our forums and do so. We're always recruiting, since no matter how many people are online we tend to hold true to our usual pattern: small fellowship(s), with any and all members free to join up with whatever large public "raid" exists if they feel the situation warrants it. Other than that, see you ingame, everyone!

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