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Dig Us Not Gold Guild is a World of Warcraft guild on Wildhammer Europe. We're about having fun playing a game we love with a great bunch of people.  The only rules for membership are that you ask before you need, have fun and do your bit to keep it fun for everyone else...

Guild events are now available for signup in the Calendar section - please make sure you read the Event Signup information before you start signing up.

Feedback on the site would of course be welcome - as would any contributions or comments at all. Head over to the Forum  and post to your heart's content!

So have fun, and hope to see you all in Azeroth soon!

Mac, Murm, Dean & Brynne
Dig Us Not Gold Web Team

Other Guild News

character armour for raids ect

539152103_Inactive, Nov 23, 07 3:50 PM.
the best site i have found for character gear for kara ect.
which has a sample builds for different classes can be found at

Officers meeting 'notes'

539176464_Inactive, Nov 18, 07 1:24 PM.
present at meeting
        moos (mage)

The meeting was mainly about the new Guild Bank. We are planning for 3 bank tabs (price of tabs are nasty!!!) we currently have 2 stabs. 
one Tab will be for level 70s
one for mid levels 40-70
last for lower
but at the moment its only for officers use but anyone can look into, if you need anything from the bank you will need to ask any of the officers online (saviour or invincible rank) if anyone needs something out of the bank, you will be asked to pay 1/2 what the AH is charging (all money collected will be for new bank slots and guild party repairs). About the repairs (this is only for the officers) you must not you it when you are repairing from a normal day, ONLY when the guild has instance runs and raiding.

What can you put in the bank?
anything that you do not want/need, if any of the items that could be used for other peoples proff's, they will be.
if anything is in the bank for a duration of 3-5days depending what it is will be sold and the money made will be added to the bank. If the items can be Disenchanted they will be and the dust/essense will be sold.

We would also like to add.. if you could farm mats for potions and other similar things that would be useful to the guild's instance runs and raids.

Party's and raid's

we are very close to our kara runs.. but at the moment we would like to do normal/heroic runs to build up on our gear and get to know how we all work, we also need to get T.S up and running as it will be alot easier to talk than type (but some people have lag problems when its on). we also have to get every1 attunded for kara.
we need to have more guild runs (not pugs). we can schedule instance runs of the fourm (bry is testing)

to help with gear we will try to put up some useful sites on your class (murm know more about this) please ad to this if others know.

Addons needed of instance runs (
        Deadly Boss mods

I hope another officer can add anything ive missed... i know i have left out the dkp thing.
website to help (from bry)

hope this is ok for people to understand.. if not please ask the officers above for more infomation about the meeting.
thank you


About the TS

539176464_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 4:12 PM.
If we are going to make the guild a kara raiding guild it is important that everyone who is in the raid HAS TS as I have been in there and its hard to type something when your fighting (will get somebody killed - usually healer lol)
so i feel when and if we get to kara (others) we all need to have it or they should not be able to come.
i have also known that some people dont have mics (this is also a MUST) because then the TS (with mic) people will have to look at the chat (may also kill somebody) as we will be concentrating on the text.
i know that some people have TS (with mics) but it is important that we all have it in raids.

this could also be a good way for noraml 5 man instance runs (guild only) i know it has worked before (although the healer was not in guild) (reffering to that BM run - bonzo, dean, wish (me) and leloo) but worked very well even though our healer was deaf to us :)


P.S. hope this made sence :))


539154595_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 4:02 AM.
I wish I could change my display name........:)

Great fun....however...

539154595_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 4:01 AM.
Ello people,

Great pics.....I have some of me own to add however doesnt seem as easy as just ADDING your pics......

Assistance please.......

Thanking you.
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