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Divine Legend : Fun Raids
Fun Raids Yesterday
Nov 5, 07 8:19 AM
EoF or NOT to EoF that is the question!
Oct 14, 07 8:15 AM
New Loot Rules!
Sep 28, 07 5:22 AM
Fantastic job in Lyceum guys!
Sep 22, 07 4:42 AM
Fun Raids Follow-Up
Sep 8, 07 10:11 PM


Divine Legend
Fun Raids are Back!

(Bring a sense of humor, a beer and a repair kit, or 2!)


Fun Raids Yesterday

539232100_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 8:19 AM.
Just wanted to say very good job to everyone yesterday in fun raids, mobs died fast and everyone was doing their job! Thanks for doing such a good job with such a rusty person leading raid!

                                            Ianti Social

EoF or NOT to EoF that is the question!

539151336_Inactive, Oct 14, 07 8:15 AM.
Due to the small lockout of FTH do you guys think that this zone would be out of the question for a funraid? The calibur of the people showing up to these raids has blown me away - they do quite literally lead themselves, and we've not had an unsuccesful raid yet! grats all you!

So please - post on the forums and let me know what you think - is it worth a shot? There's also going to be a poll for it. for you poll lovers! so VOTE!

New Loot Rules!

539151336_Inactive, Sep 28, 07 5:22 AM.
Hiyas all,

Thinking of switching up the loot rules a wee bit, still keeping NBG /Ran 100, but just limiting peoples rolls, to 1 Fabled, 1 Relic per raid, what do you think? (add a comment at the bottom of this post!)

Also head over to the Voting and let me know if you'd rather vote on targets, or have them picked by me each week.


Fantastic job in Lyceum guys!

539151336_Inactive, Sep 22, 07 4:42 AM.
Lyceum lastnight was probably one of the best funraids i've been on upto press, that's deffinetly raised the bar!

We've not had a bad run yet, but lastnight was just like clockwork, more raids like that, and it'll quite easily be 2 targets per night, no wipes at all, no deaths for my tanky (and he's not uber kitted out) all in all, a cracking run, and all done in less than 90 minutes.

So please, sign up, get your asses over to the calander, and lets do this again over and over, great job and fun had by all ;)

I'd like input please, get over to the forums, tell me what targets you'd like to hit, and we'll mix it up a bit, Farming labs at the minute because thats like relic city, but say where you'd like to take the raids to, they're YOUR raids after all!

Fun Raids Follow-Up

539151336_Inactive, Sep 8, 07 10:11 PM.
Great turn out again, and vent was MUCH more... fun this week, people are starting to find their voices and it makes the raids that little bit more fun. We managed to take down Harla Dar for peoples updates, which is great, and we went to labs afterwards for a lil extra fun  - that took forever but there was much laughs to be had... and the loot was unreal! Grats again for people on their Wurmy updates, and finding a new fool proof method of splitting Prime n Vyemm!

So a BIG thank you for the new people that showed up, hope to see you all again soon! We still need to get in on this voting thing much more, for the turnouts we have, to only have 11 votes is slacking people! (check the info section on how & When to vote on the main page) So thats my only negative point, to an all in all great night! thanks again!

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