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Leni says hello
Feb 21, 09 1:45 PM
Hello 2.0
May 7, 08 7:27 AM
Naughty Clerics
Mar 19, 08 7:15 AM
Grats to Teas
Jan 24, 08 6:27 AM
Hello Qvic
Dec 5, 07 11:13 AM
Welcome to the home of Chaos Might.  We are a fun-loving group of adventurous souls who like to partake in a family oriented, casual raiding, environment.  Our main goal in the game is to create an enjoyable atmosphere where friends get together to help each other and also to see what we can accomplish along the way. 

We have recently opened recruitment back up, so if you have interest in joining our family, please post up in our recruitment forum. 

We welcome you to come on in and have a look around.  Please don't trip over the cat, Mislok is a testy Vah Shir and will likely backstab you if you step on her tail.

Guild Leader - Chaos Might

Leni says hello

Galdorph, Feb 21, 09 1:45 PM.
I wanted to share a picture that Lenidas sent to me.  This is a pic of a nice fellow that Leni had tea and crumpets with in Korafax the other night.

Hello 2.0

Galdorph, May 7, 08 7:27 AM.
Just wanted to congratulate Mikkana and Bolverkr on being the first two recipients of CM earned Anguish Orbs.  Their 2.0's are hopefully the first of many more that will come into the ranks of the CM horde. 

Naughty Clerics

Galdorph, Mar 19, 08 7:15 AM.
On a recent Shyra raid Ozfiord got a bit bent out of shape with the cleric rotation.  The result was the 4 of us being sent to the corner to keep our noses against the wall...  That Oz is one tough hombre.

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Grats to Teas

Galdorph, Jan 24, 08 6:27 AM.
Big Congo-Rats to Teas on completing her epic. 
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Hello Qvic

Galdorph, Dec 5, 07 11:13 AM.
The forces of CM have come through again.  Saturday night we entered the halls of Uqua and marched to Barxxt's room, double-time.  When we walked away that evening, we had the final component to our Qvic key firmly tucked in our pockets.
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Grats CM on another job well done.  To celebrate we decided to go out and slap Kessdona around in a fun little DoN raid on Tuesday.  She dropped quicker than Raggs' panties at a Frat dance.  Double grats go out to the crew!
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