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Adiuro Sanguineus

A Mature content, casual guild in EQ2 on Nektulos server.

Accepting new members of all classes and levels!

Please contact one of our friendly recuiters for more information.


Grats on 30

TeftaBriggie, Jan 17, 08 8:00 AM.
With lots of very hard work from all our great members we have finally reached 30! I am very proud of how hard you guys have worked and I just wanted to let everyone know!!

Congrats on level 25!!!

539169472_Inactive, Oct 10, 07 8:31 AM.
After some financing from some of our members, we sold enough status items to push us through the last few percent for level 25. Thanks to all for your hard work, especially on the writs and HQs! Also, a big thanks for keeping the guild a place we all have fun with and want to see succeed.

Ding 20!!

538933001_Inactive, Sep 16, 07 6:34 PM.
You guessed it! Everyone's favorite guild dinged to 20 this evening. Hello more bank space, and the gratz from many people in the public channels! Now let's get some more members enlisted so we can really take off!

Open Recruiting is now here!

538933001_Inactive, Sep 15, 07 2:03 AM.
After 2 weeks of planning and organizing, we are pleased to be opening up recruiting to the general population! Before we let people in, we wanted to make sure we had the groundwork for running the type of guild we envision in place.

So if you are visiting our website, please have a look around at our forums, and charter, promotion links to see if we might be the right fit for you.

Congratz on Level 15!

538933001_Inactive, Sep 9, 07 7:26 PM.
Well 1 day after we hit Level 10 we reached Level 15! Great work from everyone! Whether you did writs, Heritages, or just kept the worker bees company by chatting, everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated!
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Grats on 30
Jan 17, 08 8:00 AM
Congrats on level 25!!!
Oct 10, 07 8:31 AM
Ding 20!!
Sep 16, 07 6:34 PM
Open Recruiting is now here!
Sep 15, 07 2:03 AM
Congratz on Level 15!
Sep 9, 07 7:26 PM
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