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Welcome to our new home, TRS has moved around a bit but finally we can settle, regroup, buff up and have fun !

                                How do I sign up ?

TRS has been an active guild on Dragonblight for a few years and many members have joined and moved away... many are still close friends and are welcome to post on the forums and join the website.

Additionally if you wish to come back whisper an officer ingame or sign up here !

Guild Charter

Trumpton Riot Squad (TRS) is an Alliance Guild on the European Dragonblight World of Warcraft realm.

We also have a Horde Guild
Trumpton Riot Squads

What TRS has to offer :

* a PVE oriented guild
* a friendly environment with mature people
* a busy guild chat
* lots of people who are ready to help with instances, quests, general help, basically everything any of our members needs help with
* a home for everyone that is looking to play WoW in his/her way at his/her pace

Joining TRS:

Applications can be done through this site or ingame by contacting any of our officers.

Some guidelines we use while evaluating :
* Minimum age 20
* Mature attitude
* Agrees with guild attitude

At this point, we're recruiting :
* Any level
* Any class

Guild Rules Concerning Attitude

1) At all times, a TRS member will keep the TRS name unblemished and its reputation in good standing by his/her actions. This includes, but is not limited to :
* Being courteous when grouping with non-guild players.
* Following guidelines when grouped.
* Obeying loot-rules. Repeated ninja'ing reports will lead to gkick.
* No flaming in general chat.
* No begging ( but bribes are welcome ) 

2) Conduct yourself in a civilized fashion in gchat. This includes, but is not limited to :
* Respect anothers opinion, even if you don't agree with it.
* No excessive swearing.
* No excessive rudeness.
* No racist remarks - repeated offenses will result in gkick.
* Political and religion-based discussions should be handled with care and ceased when anyone objects to them.

3) Be helpfull towards your guildies. If someone asks for help, try to accommodate them.  This does not include boosts - if you feel like doing one offer the guild a Run but we do not condone levelling via Boosts as by the time you hit 70 you can't actually play your character.

4) Should a problem with a fellow guild member arise, try to deal with them in whisper or by contacting an officer. These kinds of discussion should not be handled in gchat.


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