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PvE guild on Argent Dawn rp server EU

Dominion is a guild for Altoholics, we favor atmosphere above all else, and are as such a real friendly bunch to hang aorund.
Amongst our ranks, you will find all anyone from the most casual of players, to most hardcore of Raiders, that might just be looking for a cozy place to place their alts.

While we are a small and quiet guild, we are always looking for people that are made of the "Right stuff" to get a community going with the good atmosphere we desire, to allow us access to all the wonderous content that are available for people that are interested in the world of PvE.

If you'd like to know more about what Dominion is all about, go have a look at our charter, located here:
Dominion Guild Charter

Well met all!

Other Guild News

5th boss down in Zul'Aman

539194321_Inactive, Apr 15, 08 3:45 AM.
Hex Lord is no more. Dominion and co entered Zul'Aman when we simply had not enough numbers for a trip to SSC. We botched the first timer by a mere minute, oh woe but there is next time, and after what was a speedy run with the four animal aspects, we stood at the hex-lord. A few tries, some added stamina gear, and down he went, that tosser. We ended our lovely monday with a 2% wipe on Ziljin, that bugger is so dead but doesnt know it yet.

A huge thank you to all who were in, and congratulations!
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Progress in SSC: Lurker down!

539194321_Inactive, Mar 10, 08 3:42 PM.
10.3.2008: Healbots log: Musky water churning. People fishing raw sagefish from a level 70 raidinstance. Huge kraken, spouting water hard, it hurts.

DBB community keeps progressing fast into the steamy (literally if you think about Leotheras) recesses of Serpentshrine Caverns. The next boss to bite dust was Lurker, who was killed at around 23:04 this fine monday, after several tries. Thank you all who endured it and kept the spirit up, even after some bad luck. Congratulations on the first kill!

**screenshot incoming**

DBB moving into SSC: Hydross down!

539194321_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 2:40 PM.
Healbot's log, date 4th of March:
DBB went off to unknown territory, into the Serpentshrine Cavern. After some tries on Hydross the Unstable, and a few giggles when we got doubleadds, he went down! Congratulations everyone present, a very good job. Now keep signing up for more!

*screenshot incoming*

ZA 4th boss downed

Vendraxul, Feb 5, 08 10:56 PM.
On monday 4th of Februrary, the 4th boss in ZA ate the stone tiles he had been wiping clean with us for some time now.
This time we didn't suffer massively from DCs or lag as many of our previous tries, and in only a few tries, the dragonhawk dude popped his last egg dropped a shield for us.

Congratulations all on the fesh kill... Chicken soup anyone?

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Magtheridon downed by DBB!

539194321_Inactive, Jan 29, 08 4:29 AM.
Monday 28th January DBB set out to Magtheridon's lair, our aim was to train train and train on the big guy, since we already got all the channelers downed and him to 60%. We had a few tries, had him to 24%, a few more tries..Then the magical 'last try of the night' with one healer being offline. And there was much rejoicing! No one died (except Maggy himself) and the kill is ours. Lets do it again next week!

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