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"If its true you learn form your mistakes, then i must be an idiot"
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539171787_Inactive, Jun 10, 08 11:19 PM.
    Sup everyone! im back from my small d2 break to stay for now! and the clan will be under new management. Details will be posted asap. For more pressing matters -

    Ok as we all know ladder is going to reset June, 17th. As far as i can remember the ladder reset has been a rush to have the best items before anyone else. So naturaly the darkbrotherhood has to have thier go at it. I personaly will be leading this d2 reset team, and i promise this will be a top ranking team. The rules are simple.

 - you will be given the choice of 1 of 8 specific charaters.
 - you MUST be on at the correct times. ( which i will make a schedule)
 - during that time we will level our characters.
 - if you need a day off you must tell me at least 1 day prior to that time. (You can notify me by calling, website mail, or jsp mail)
 - during time off you will more than likely be behind the rest of the group level wise. You must catch up to the rest of the group on your own free time.

 - you are not allowed to exceed a two level diffrence between the rest of the group. ( im planing to post the levels of everyone at the end of each day here )

 - if you want to find items for your team character then do not mf on your team character. Please make a diffrent character for this!

 - we will take breaks when needed

     I dont mean to sound like a drill sargeant lol. but these are the typical rules that everyone uses. Keep in mind we will not be playing as much as everyone else. So we need to stay in a very formal group. This IS very fun! it sounds like a task with the rules but every game has rules right? Think of it as a d2 minigame. Its not only great fun, but also a chance to get to know each other better.

-------- our current lineup is as follows --------

BO Barbarian - Zach

Healerdin -

Cold sorc -

Fire sorc -

Light sorc - Rome

Trapsin - Greg

Hammerdin - Wes

Zealer ( or second hammerdin) -

choose you job wisely!
If you have any questions or ideas please let me know!
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