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~Welcome to The Umbrella Corp.~

"The Umbrella Corporation is a bioengineering pharmaceutical company
secretly dedicated to the research of the T-virus which has the ability to re-animate the dead brain tissue of a once living organism. That is until they were exposed to the public by Raccoon City Police Department's "Special Tactics and Rescue Squad" (S.T.A.R.S.) for running highly illegal experiments on test subjects located in a secluded mansion off in the Arklay mountains. After years of criminal court trials and financial losses Umbrella was finally shut down and forced to claim bankruptcy. Several years later a mysterious figure re-opened Umbrella with the silent help of Arachnos. However, Umbrella's plans may go deeper than even Lord Recluse himself may know..."


Site Open to Public

539176344_Inactive, Sep 29, 07 10:45 PM.
Our "high" quality site is finally open to public. I don't have much experience with designing websites so we'll just have to stick with this one until we find a better web designer. The main purpose of this is for out-of-game communication to build group activity. We have a forum which everyone can discuss whatever they feel like and these nifty little news blogs so everyone can get the 411 on Umbrella. Theres not very much now but within time more content will be added to this site and it might even look good some day.. Have fun kids!

New SuperGroup Website in the Making..

539176344_Inactive, Sep 9, 07 1:05 AM.
If your reading this I'm sure you already know that we now have a Supergroup website. Why do you ask? Why not? With a website I feel it will be easier for the SG to keep in contact without having to log into CoV. Another reason is they really just don't give you enough room for information in the game. Now we can fit it all here with organization and such. Now, its not mandatory to register here or anything but there will be things exclusive to registered members so you might as well sign up!

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