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Contract Killers
DoN Progess
Jan 10, 08 8:57 PM
DKP site
Jan 8, 08 7:38 PM
Dec 30, 07 7:21 PM
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we have recently merged with aeon overlords look for any officer from there for info !

DoN Progess

538148593_Inactive, Jan 10, 08 8:57 PM.
Congrats on this weeks completion of Emoush(was active for only one time) Trails of Perserverance, Circle of Drakes and Rampaging Monolith.  Keep up the good work, help recruit members, and lets get into so phat loots while keeping this on farm status!

DKP site

538148593_Inactive, Jan 8, 08 7:38 PM.
As of tonight, our dkp site is up and running.  Please check your DKP if you raided last sunday, and let me know if you see a error.  While your there, sign up for access to the DKP site, this way the DKP admin will have a easier time updating your DKP.


bluegills30, Dec 30, 07 7:21 PM.
Raids are to resume as scheduled ! Rember we raid on sundays that is our guild day . we have a new raid leader Fireborn , please show him respect and do as you are asked . We ask that all that are online and able to help with raiding and progression ATTEND ! we have a poor raid attendance lately and we need to get it goin back up !
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