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Ulduar (10/14)

The Siege of Ulduar
    Flame Leviathan
    XT-002 Deconstruction
    Ignis the Furnace Master

The Antechamber of Ulduar
    Iron Council

The Keepers of Ulduar

The Descent into Madness
    General Vezax

Celestial Planetarium
    Algalon the Observer

The Eye of Eternity

The Obsidian Sanctum

Naxxramas (15/15)
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Welcome to DIBT FAKK's Home.

We are a World of Warcraft Guild located on the Bleeding Hollow Realm.

DIBT FAKK is a casual guild that is adult orientated, we like to have fun but take raiding seriously. We have plans to own the content in Wrath of the Lich King, And eventually take the fight to Arthas himself!

To become part of DIBT FAKK, please Apply on our Forums.
Other Guild News

DIBT FAKK bows out.

ilblackfire, Aug 5, 09 9:21 AM.
As most people should now be aware DIBT FAKK has finally called it quits. After talks between the officers we have decided 4 years of running and guild is enough for us. Thanks for all the help and for all our members over the years, We had an awesome run.

A DIBT FAKK goodbye video was made and can be found here:

Our core members and friends will still be hanging around our vent, detaisl on our forums.
Later guys.


ilblackfire, Jun 3, 09 7:37 PM.
Sorry i have been lazy with updating the website and making boss kill pics. We are now up to Yogg. With us getting him to phase 3 on the first night.
We have opened recruitment for DPS to fill out our raids, please apply on our forums.

I'll throw a few boss kill pics up soon.

Ulduar: Deconstructor dead.

ilblackfire, Apr 24, 09 6:34 AM.
Yeah, I'm posting this late because I'm lazy. Enjoy the screen shot. More to follow. Oh yeah, and grats on bosskill lul

Ulduar is out, Raiding can finally get intresting again!

ilblackfire, Apr 17, 09 3:49 AM.
Ulduar has finally come out, and after a long while of just farming Nax, eye and os we can finally sink our teeth into some thing new and fresh.
While we are at it
GRATS  to everyone on downing Flame Leviethan, sure it was easy as hell but atleast it's somthing new.

You dont have an Eternity! + BlackDrakes

ilblackfire, Feb 26, 09 9:19 PM.
Grats guys on our latest Achievement completed, Good work guys. And also Massive grats to everyone in the guild, we are Horde first to have our black drakes, grats guys.


ilblackfire, Feb 24, 09 11:01 PM.
Grats to all in DIBT FAKK! We are the horde first Immortals on Bleeding Hollow. Good work guys. Now everyone go have a cup of Chamomile tea and run your selfs a bubble bath.

Sarth 3 Drake DOWN! Raid clearing = 1 night? : /

ilblackfire, Feb 6, 09 6:53 AM.
Gratz to everyone! (sorry for the late post lulz) We have downed Sarth 3D! And the next day after weekly resets we have downed all raid content in the 1 night! Good work guys. Lets hope Uldum will give us alittle more to do. Anyway.. Heres the killshot!

WOTLK cleared.

ilblackfire, Dec 19, 08 5:08 PM.
Gratz to all members! WOTLK has been fully cleared in our first week of raiding! Not liek it was hard but well done either way. Next stop 3 drake Sartharion! Enjoy the screenies.

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