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Other Guild News

High King Maulgar Down!

538426773_Inactive, Sep 29, 07 8:30 AM.
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After a good couple of hours, we finally pulled through and downed our first 25man raid boss. Huge step for the guild as a whole and grats to those who got gear (Shimanai - T4, Shadowdruid - Hammer of the Naaru, Sacredheals - T4).

Another thanks to everyone who hung around to have a few cracks at Gruul, got him to 23%, very good effort considering we had 9 healers... lol... Next week guys !!

Kara Group Listings

539192335_Inactive, Sep 18, 07 3:48 AM.
Update tab on Kara listings. If you are unsure on what group you are in, please visit this page so you are ready and on time for you specific group.

Omnipotence No More

539192244_Inactive, Sep 16, 07 6:08 AM.
Ante Bellum was formed by ex members of Omnipotence. Quite a large list of members left due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Bootstrap Guild Leader of omnipotence did a excellent job and lead a great guild.

Unfortuantly he was let down by a few of his freinds, destryoing the guild many members left unable to stand the pressure and anger. Ante Bellum aims to progress far beyond many guilds on Barth.

Omnipotence. Once a great guild all the best of luck.
Lots of Love to Bootstrap. He knows his shiz!!~

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