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Admiralwolverine Lighteningbolt
Number 1
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 50
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 80
539382365_Inactive (Bryanne) 87
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 22
Kaisera (Kaisera) 14
539866215_Inactive (KaneFox) 63
Ricker_Uk (Ricker) 28
Bone Craft
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 17
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 60
Bermy101 (Bermont) 2
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 2
Cloth Craft
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 14
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 60
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 20
539712972_Inactive (Kaeon) 23
Kaisera (Kaisera) 73
539866215_Inactive (KaneFox) 60
Kyssandra (Kyssandra) 15
539539539_Inactive (opercloth) 97
KanjiMan (Orac) 55
539806767_Inactive (rodthedogg) 1
rurikofbahumut (Rurik) 19
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 31
539669393_Inactive (Alexandorus) 90
Alphataru (Alphataru) 96
539603690_Inactive (Angelus) 95
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 60
539240017_Inactive (Astharoth) 70
Azaline (Azaline) 32
Bermy101 (Bermont) 1
539382365_Inactive (Bryanne) 64
539509800_Inactive (Byson) 70
539281554_Inactive (Cygnusdrow) 62
Elocnivek (Eloc) 91
539651251_Inactive (Gangly) 90
539735724_Inactive (Hadrian) 90
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 0
539712972_Inactive (Kaeon) 33
Kaisera (Kaisera) 93
539267049_Inactive (Liluth) 95
539567951_Inactive (Mashie) 63
KanjiMan (Orac) 12
Ricker_Uk (Ricker) 60
rurikofbahumut (Rurik) 61
539501207_Inactive (Sithus) 16
Trueblue450 (Trueblue) 60
537277858_Inactive (Vackashken) 44
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 17
Alphataru (Alphataru) 87
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 32
539240017_Inactive (Astharoth) 12
539509800_Inactive (Byson) 11
539281554_Inactive (Cygnusdrow) 42
Elocnivek (Eloc) 57
539735724_Inactive (Hadrian) 35
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 1
539712972_Inactive (Kaeon) 4
539866215_Inactive (KaneFox) 31
Kyssandra (Kyssandra) 1
KanjiMan (Orac) 32
539806767_Inactive (rodthedogg) 20
rurikofbahumut (Rurik) 14
537277858_Inactive (Vackashken) 20
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 4
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 48
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 16
rurikofbahumut (Rurik) 50
Leather Craft
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 3
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 58
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 5
KanjiMan (Orac) 98
537277858_Inactive (Vackashken) 52
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 20
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 53
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 30
539567951_Inactive (Mashie) 22
537412608_Inactive (Airget) 72
ArcanesoulFFXI (Arcanesoul) 72
539240017_Inactive (Astharoth) 20
Bermy101 (Bermont) 11
Jarel_1 (Jarel) 60
Kaisera (Kaisera) 28
539567951_Inactive (Mashie) 27
Ricker_Uk (Ricker) 21
539806767_Inactive (rodthedogg) 42
rurikofbahumut (Rurik) 24
539501207_Inactive (Sithus) 21
No alternate text supplied.

Petropia is a Pet-based Linkshell on the Bahamut server. Our aim is to provide a helpful and freindly environment for our members.

The only requirements of joining are that you are actively leveling or regularly play: Beastmaster. Summoner. Dragoon. Puppetmaster.

The only rules we enforce are a little common courtesy and decency towards fellow members and other players in general. Your behavior reflects on the LS as a whole, as we ask members to act accordingly.

The golden rule is treat others how you would like to be treated and HAVE FUN!

If you still think that you would like to join us, please head on over to the forums and post an application. See you in game.

Linkshell update

RazorbackIRE, Sep 26, 08 11:26 AM.

Greetings petropians. Please go to the forums for an important dissucssion reguarding the possible merging of Petropia and Untamed.

Important update reguarding LS status

RazorbackIRE, Aug 4, 08 5:56 AM.
Its come to the attention of the leaders of the shell that...well..basically we're not doing good at all. In all reality we have been limping along over the past year with one set of successful runs at gods back in jan/feb.

It pains me to say this but I feel that petropia is looking to be a social only shell. I admire the dedication of many of our members but its unfair to hold back some good friends and excellent players from potentially going down the end game route.
Going forward there will be no need for an application process. I will be pearlsacking more people in the hopes that the shell will stay alive in one form or another. If you want to pearl a buddy or randomer or someone from an exp pt please keep in line with the core principle: they must be leveling or have previously leveled BST,SMN,DRG or PUP on their character.

I will be keeping the foums open as a means for people to organise events (be it BCNMS, KSNMs, or other missions or quests)and run statics etc.

So I wish you all the best in what you decied and i hope you stay in touch with us.


Petropia gathering speed.

ArcanesoulFFXI, Jul 3, 08 4:08 PM.
After the departure of our former leader, things slowed down a little.
However the member base is still growing stronger with new bst, drg, smn, and pups joining us from all over Vanadiel.

This month's news and achievements:

We paid a visit to Pallas [S] who dropped nothing.

Felixx got his new Gaudy Harness from Phomiuna Aqueducts.

We killed Dragonscaled Bugaal Ja a couple of times, but on our second visit he didn't have any gloves on him.

Shikigami Weapon has been giving us grief from the moment we camped her, and never gave up a single robe.

Finally our good old friend Hakutaku popped up to give several members their Optical Hats.
Congratulations to Asturius, Azaline, and Kisangi.

I'm bored - Let's go kill something

ArcanesoulFFXI, Jun 19, 08 4:10 PM.
And so we did.
After successfully completing the ENM - Like the Wind, and coming away with nothing much to speak of, we decided to go kill

Dragonscaled Bugaal Ja

who drops these.

Beast Bazubands


Congratulations to Arcanesoul.
No alternate text supplied.

The fight was umm, less than epic with Dragonscaled putting up less than a good fight, after we tricked his pets into running after Ricker when we rang the doorbell. Bugards make lousy guard dogs.

Phomiuna Aquaducts - Subligar raid.

ArcanesoulFFXI, Jun 17, 08 4:20 PM.
Today a few brave members of Petropia braved the perils of Phomiuna Aquaducts to go and swipe underwear from dead people...

The run was smooth with many a dead Taurus or Stegataur on the way, bar 1 death as we left.

However, congratulations to Felixx on his Ophiuchus Subligar.
Ophiuchus Subligar

Once Brygid is done smelling them, he can then get his Gaudy Harness.
Gaudy Harness

1/1 too. Well done.
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