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Clan Axepeak goes ta WAR
Aug 8, 10 10:55 AM
Guild Gatherin'
Mar 18, 08 6:13 PM
Guild Vault is now up an' runnin'
Nov 15, 07 6:18 AM

Dis be the home o' Clan Axepeak, the oldest dwarven guild around.

This Feburary we celebrated our 16th year as a Clan! Huzzah!

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Clan Axepeak goes ta WAR

gehmnal, Aug 8, 10 10:55 AM.
Clan Axepeak now be present in tha Old World o' Warhammer.  We only be Rank 1 fer now but tha more members we get who're active an' willin' ta help out tha gangler Humans o' the Empire an' tha stump-humpin' Elgi, tha quicker an' stronger we'll grow as a clan.

Ye cin see tha message I left fer any wayward kin in tha Flyin' Goose Tavern here.

Findar torst fer now, an' hopin' ta see some familiar beards soon.

~Gehmnal Orcbane an' kin (Baelgur, Kamrek, and Darvean)

Guild Gatherin'

Badaf, Mar 18, 08 6:13 PM.
Drinks at Bruuk's on Thirstday, March 20th. 6pm server time.

Badaf Brightstone

Guild Vault is now up an' runnin'

Badaf, Nov 15, 07 6:18 AM.

If ye nay noticed, since the latest patch, there are now guild vaults located in any place there are regular vaults.

Read more about it o'er at the forums.

Badaf Brightstone
Rrin Gor of Clan Axepeak

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