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Recruitment needs
Jan 20, 08 5:23 AM
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“Oderint Dum Metuant” – Let them hate so long as they fear

The information regarding the guild is the direction we wish to see the guild go, but as of right now we are in the process of recruiting and hope to become a dominant raid force in the very near future......

Oderint Dum Metuant is a U.S. EST/CST casual raid guild with a semi-hardcore attitude looking to get into T8 raiding 3-5 times a week. Having friends to chat with, group with, quest with and have fun with is only half of what we are about; exceptional players who know their classes well and want to see end game raid material is the other half. This guild will never be hardcore and we won’t be chasing after contesteds. If a contested mob is up during normal raid times and people want to take it down then that is what we shall be doing, but in the end that is not what defines the guild.

We do expect the very best out of every single person in the guild. Nobody wants to struggle through raids because some people aren’t playing their character to the fullest. In that respect we seek people who do have raid experience; however, we will not turn away exceptional players who are willing to learn. Everyone has room to learn, so if you are easily offended if/when someone tells you what you did wrong or when someone offers you advice on how to fix it then this may not be the place for you. We expect our raid force to be as strong as possible and that is only possible if everyone is striving to be the best at the class they play.

Recruitment Needs    

Recruitment needs

539202636_Inactive, Jan 20, 08 5:23 AM.
Currently ODM is looking for,

2 Illusionists
1 Coercer
1 Dirge
1 Warden
1 Conj
1 Brigand

Any Exceptional players will be considered no matter the class.

If you are on this list or an exceptional player please post in the recruitment section, or contact Khons, Jalapeno, Adroit, Angitia, Triggermouse ingame.
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