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Welcome to your Boreale!

Boreale is a 30-70 instance/raid-running World of Warcraft guild on Malfurion. 

WoW is top heavy with most players focusing on the end-game progression in the Burning Crusade and soon enough, Wrath of the Lich King.  Most of the organized activities occur at this level, leaving the 1-70 ascension mostly solo and disorganized grouping.

We're here to fill a need for structured mid-level progression in the game.  It's about enjoying the instance runs, helping with group quests and having a hoot in the process.  From the Deadmines to Upper Blackrock Spire and perhaps even dipping into the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

That said, Boreale is family guild and therefore we request a relatively clean guild chat and mature membership.  We openly invite people without applications at this time and we are just as quick to remove people that are abusive, loud and/or disruptive.

We understand that most of the players here will be Alts of higher level raiding characters.  That's totally fine.  We don't expect anyone to really stay past L69 although you're more than welcome to.  

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