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Open Beta Starts Soon
Oct 11, 04 12:29 PM
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Temple of the Moon
Welcome to Bloodfin Legion's Home. We are currently a guild that has been born out of the Bloodfin Server in Star Wars Galaxies. Many of us have been friends and adversaries for our 15 months of playing Star Wars Galaxies and want to move to the next game together as one cohesive PVP unit. If you are interested in recruitment please register to our forums and read the guild charter below. At this time we do not know what faction we will be when WoW goes live. We will be on the side that is out numbered one of the PVP servers


Guild Charter    
Blood Legion is a PvP guild preparing to lead the Hordeor Alliance on a World of Warcraft PvP server. We are a group that enjoys each other's company and works together to not only improve ourselves individually, but consistently improve as a group so we may always know the ecstasy of victory and a field of broken foes.

The following statement will include the general ideals, goals, objectives, and requirements for both those honored brothers and sisters in Guild Bloodfin and those looking to someday attain that privilege:

1. Blood Legion is a PvP guild. With one set of exceptions, if you don't want to fight, you don't belong here. There are several key PvE roles in WoW; these will be filled from the outset by trusted friends who we greatly enjoy having around and who have demonstrated extreme competence in their ability to play the game.

2. We earn our respect through victory. Trash talking is neither encouraged nor prohibited; trash talk as long as you have the skills to back it up. Let the Horde hate us so long as they fear us. However, because WoW is based on factional PvP, no member should degrade or demean other Alliance members such that they or their guilds will not call us for help when they need it or help us when we need it.

3. Victory comes from skill, teamwork, and preparation. To prepare for PvP conflict and to hone our skills, we must often work together to gain levels and acquire loot. Some content is soloable, but much of it is not. Members are encouraged to work together to level up and loot. That said, we are not Communists. While we are all eager to help each other out, beggars will not be tolerated. Everyone is expected to contribute as well as benefit, from small groups to big raids to tradeskills.

4. Details of the PvP honor system in WoW are still sketchy, but Blood Legion will attempt to be among the first on the server to achieve hero status and acquire the epic items and other benefits associated therein. Depending on how the honor system works, that may mean that Blood Legion members are not allowed to gank noobs or do anything else that will cost the guild or the Horde/Alliance honor points. If that is the case, we will happily level and support lower-level toons for the express purpose of taking out Alliance/Horde members in the low-to-mid-level zones once our toons are leveled beyond that point.

5. There will be weekly large-group raids organized and run by our raid leaders. Most of these raids will be a pure Blood Legion group but could at times invovle help from outside the guild. The objective of these raids will be twofold. First, we will show off our grouping abilities and skills in working with multiple groups to take down larger mobs. Second, we will acquire high-end loot that we would not otherwise be able to get. The goal of these raids is emphatically not to get xp; while we hope that we get through the raids in one go, nobody should be upset or whine if they lose xp.

6. The officers of Blood Legion are committed to directing the guild in the best possible direction. We are here to provide for everyone, and many of us sacrifice both in-game and out-of-game time to set up events, negotiate with other guilds, and study zone layouts so that we can effectively lead events. There are two levels of officers: Guild Officers and Game Officers. Guild Officers are the guiding body for the guild and provide direction for the guild. They appoint Game Officers, who handle specific leadership roles within the game.

7. You must be a member of the Alliance/Horde to be a member. You may not have a non-Alliance toon on the server unless he is explicitly sanctioned by the Council as a spy.

8. You must have [TeamSpeak] and use it whenever you are in-game. No exceptions to this rule will be permitted.

9. No in-guild drama. Life is hard. Wear a cup. Persistent whining about guildies will not be tolerated.

10. Members are people who enjoy PvP, who are passionate about winning, and who are committed to both personal accomplishment and guild dominance in game. Those lucky souls who rally to our banner and are found worthy find ample fun and every reason to be proud.

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