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Welcome Brethren,
You are in the presence of fellow travelers
mere brothers and sisters born from the same fire
who have raised arms against a tyranny that oppose us.
We fight under a banner, a proud lineage of Horde
that banner waves high, its creases soiled by the blood
of our enemies, but its name remains the same.
We are the Dark Arcane.

We bow to our leader and praise her in our victories
we shed the blood of our enemies for her and our
banner of freedom continues to fly high.
Fear not my brethren our leader is a strong one,
for her name strikes fear into the hearts of even the most heroic,
her name is, Niketya Dark.

Through your blood bond you have joined us
taken oath and sworn to us, that you will be
 loyal and trustworthy  and with your help
we will fight side by side through it all to rid this
world of our enemies, to restore it to a former glory.
I say to you my brethren, raise your sword, dagger and staff high
for we are a brotherhood, we are THE DARK ARCANE!!
Delighted are we that you have joined our guild
and have taken the time to read through our welcome,
please understand that we are a true role-play guild
and though we have but one guild master, we are all leaders
for this is truly our guild.
As leader of the guild I assure you that I take no favoritism
to any one particular guild member, everyone is treated equally.
Races, characters and unique personalities are always welcome.

We try and make things interesting as well as fun.
Our guild is also devoted to helping each other along the way.
Be it a fellow member of the guild needs physical help
or needs items that may be held within our bank.
With our website we will be able to keep everyone better
informed of upcoming raids and their dates,
Battlegrounds match schedules, parties and much more.
I hope that you join us.
Guild Mistress

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

NikeytaDark, Sep 24, 07 9:30 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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