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A Long Night Of Shadows
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Welcome to the site for the guild A Long Night Of Shadows!!!

ABOUT: A Long Night Of Shadows is a newer guild on our realm.We are a good bunch of people.Many have been involved in creating the guild and my thanks goes out to you! Some of guilds activities will include but is not limited to  the following , battlegrounds ( we will use Horde tactics (none of that silly soloing the Alli use)) running instances and of course (something i never heard of before)AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!

Guild quests:Guild Quests will be for items, ranks, and money(maybe) these can and will have to be turned into Shadow Master Warnri and must be confirmed from another officer and approved.  Many will be simple and mostly based on level and your professions and will earn you newer gear and some money. How they will work if you are assigned to bring in 20 copper bars you will be compensated for your time. ALL items that you have been assigned go directly to the guild ( you may not however get items from the guild bank to complete a guild quest!) Note you do not need to do this and may do it at your leisure.

Recruiting  Days: On days to be ASSIGNED BY SHADOW MASTER WARNRI!!!! The purpose of these days will be to bring in new members to the guild. Note:you do not need to do this everyday that is assigned and you should try to get atleast one new member a week! To make this more desireable I will be rewarding the top 3 who bring in the most new members. The rewards are not based on levels or ranks in the guild!! You might be a level 10 and be in the top 3 and recieve an item for level 34. what you do with any rewards is up to you! ANY HELP IN RECRUITING MORE MEMBERS IS APPRESAITED AT ANY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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