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Banes Shadow Enforcers
New Website Launched
Jan 3, 08 3:39 PM
Dec 27, 07 10:17 AM
A New Year Is Approaching!
Dec 4, 07 10:12 AM
Nov 12, 07 4:42 PM
BSE Growing
Oct 17, 07 8:59 AM

Welcome to the new Banes Shadow enforcers web site.

After a lone stretch of time one young man decided to venture off from his chosen guild to pay tribute to the Imperial Bane. In Janurary 2004 Banes Shadow enforcers guild was made. A primary Imperial neutral guild lead by Maulic. After a year of running the guild and having good outcomes Maulic decided to open the doors for more than just Imperials. Thus the rebel side of Banes Enforcers was formed.

As it stands now Banes Shadow Enforcers is a multi-factional guild located in Dragon's Lair on the planet Dantooine. Although still primary Imperial we have welcomed many races, professions and even rebels into our home. Based as a helper guild BSE is known for its "family is more than blood" teachings. Our primary goal is to help one another in many different areas of the game including PvP (Player vs Player), PvE (Player vs Event/Enviroment), and RP (Roleplay).


New Website Launched

539244281_Inactive, Jan 3, 08 3:39 PM.
We're pleased to announce the our new website is ready (mostly).

Please check the member forums for the address!  Can't wait to see you there!


539244281_Inactive, Dec 27, 07 10:17 AM.
One of the most significant changes that has been made is the fact that -BSE- has been re-named -X-

Recruiting will be opening up soon.  We'll be hand picking members to be a small, strong tight unit.  Imperial, Rebel or Neutral...all three factions will be welcome.

Keep eyes here for more news :)

A New Year Is Approaching!

539244281_Inactive, Dec 4, 07 10:12 AM.
With the coming new year, expect to see some MAJOR changes in BSE.

For the better.

Stay tuned!


539244281_Inactive, Nov 12, 07 4:42 PM.
Hey everyone!  It's that time again...another addition to the weekly news letter with your host.... Malana

Dragon's Lair has a new Mayor! Well, a new, old mayor.  Maulic ran for Mayor beating out his opponent, Igofa, to win back the Mayoral seat.  Let's all give a round of applause to Maulic!  Dragon's Lair was founded by Maulic and is home for Banes Shadow Enforcer members.  All wishing to reside there, please contact Maulic or one of our Militia, 'Malana', Igofa or Thaylan.

Chapter 7's "Collections" has turned out to be one of the better chapters with many of the elders even getting back into the game.  I will say I have heard minor complaints but not so much as I've heard in previous chapter releases.  So, in conjunction with the Chapter 7 release, I am going to add a section to the news letter called 'Accomplishments'.  This is where we get to tell what what collections we have completed as well as special accomplishments by our members.  So to start:


Burning rock:

'Malana', Thaylan, Nikana, Eva-Grun, Ty-Kaz, Zini, 'Zannah

Tusken valuables:
Thaylan, Ty-Kaz

Cabinetry techniques:
'Malana', Maulic, Thaylan, Ty-Kaz

Storage techiques:
Thaylan, Nikana, Na'la

Purple Potted plant:
Eva-Grun, Ty-Kaz

Meditative Discipline:


Waist Pack:

'Malana', Ty-Kaz

Dejarik Monsters:

Old Republic Saber Hilt:

Congratulations on these!

We have a lot of new members this week, so let's all give a warm welcome to the new -BSE- members:


Thoram, Torhment, Phoddo, Maroth, Toffee', Delphyne

As always, be well and be safe.

This is your host, Malana, signing off.

--edited by Apollymi

BSE Growing

'Malana', Oct 17, 07 8:59 AM.
Hey everyone just wanted to say that BSE is growing by leaps and bounds! Bear with the website as each day i try to work on it to make it the perfect site away from home for us. Check out the Recipy corner sometime if you are a member!
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