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The Freewriter (Associate) 10/19/2009 10:13 AM EST : The Freewriter: Old News
Antonia Bayle

The Freewriter
Posts: 19

We here at the Freewriter allow for the right of the truth to all the people who deserve, and to inform people, that the Sathirian Empire is on an all-out war across it's borders and not just Freeport is fighting them.

I take it that Freeport's Observer  is in it's own little fantasy world. They fail to see the idea that everyone doesn't like the Sathirians and that the Freeport Armed forces are the only ones who are slaughtering the evil Sathirian Empire. Of course the Observer is a state-run paper, seeing that it shields the truth from it's readers. Qeynos, as well attacks and destroys the Kunark threat of the iksar, and that Freeport isn't the only one.

The Observer of course praises the Knights of Freeport, because the writers would have a dagger soon plunged into theer backs if they wrote otherwise. They Claim Gorowyn is an Ally. This is a joke. Gorowyn remains neutral to all, if they were true allies, they would not allow for Qeynosians and Kelethinites inside their city, and offer them jobs that pay. Gorowyn is a neutral state and will tolerate both sides. Freeport fails to see this claiming they are allies, as months ago they were saying that Gorowyn was part of their territory. I guess they can't make up their mind, huh?

In other news. The brave Qeynosians also struck a series of fatal blows to the Empire and does not praise it, because why? Everyone inevitably comes across the Sathirian Empire and defeats them in armed combat all over Kunark. A select series of gilds struck at the heart of Venril Sathir Himself, with minimal losses. The Sathirian Empire is in submission, unable to press forward. With the recent threat of these Rime people, the Empire is again stayed by a foreign hand.

So that is pretty much all the recent activity that has been occurring. All old news with the occasional praising of something so common it's not really worthy of a mention.

Untill next time, the Freewriter bids you a fair day, and stay sharp and vigilant.

~The Freewriter


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