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Forums : Guild Recruitment > Sentries of Ill Omen (A Sarnak Guild)
539262713_Inactive (Applicant) 11/13/2007 11:21 AM EST : Sentries of Ill Omen (A Sarnak Guild)

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Please note that this guild is not yet formed! I am hoping to find other like minded role players to join at the ground level. If you are interested please shoot me a mail here or contact me in game on Kimaya.

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        For generations we have followed the whims of our creators andlet them bend our wills to serve their agendas.  Though we pay respectto our creator, Atrebe Sathir, we no longer are the prisoners ourancestors where.  Now is the time that we must band together to claimour rightful place among the Iksar nation as superiors. We have theblood of the chosen running through our veins.  The Iksar and thedragons of this world have graced us with their strongest qualities,while keeping their weakness to themselves. Come join us in our questto unite our race under one banner, uncover our lost heritage and showthis world who
the rightful heirs are!

This is just one of the cries of Kimaya a Sarnak priestess dedicated to her kind.  But for the out of character reasons here are a few things the Sentries of Ill Omen could offer you, as a fellow Sarnak, in Everquest 2.

  • A chance for a unique role play atmosphere that gives oppritunity for discovery of a massive new continent and lore surrounding a mysterious race
  • The chance for everyone to start at the ground level.  Everyone who joins now will be starting fresh.  
    • Have you ever wondered what it would be like, or wish to remember, to progress through the game with a large group?
    • Have the experience to be part of leveling a guild from 1 to 80.  A chance to feel pride for being part of the creation, journey and victory of the final goal.
    • Work with new and old players alike to rediscover Heritage and raid content from T1 to the hardest instances in the game!
  • Create allies and 'enemies' through the game based upon the lore that's discovered about the Sarnak.
    • Could you imagon if Sarnak and Iksar joined forces to take down the new Iksar empire? Or many of the other possible story lines that could develop?
Now onto what we are looking for in our members!
  • We are looking for new and old players (obviously) who are just as excited about the possibilities with the Sarnak as we are!
  • Players who are heavy Role Players or tOutdenthose who can respect role players in the guild enviroment.
  • Players with ideas.  Ideas are fundemental to any guild developement.  Have an event idea? SHARE IT

Okay now for the basics.  A few answers to some of the questions that maybe running through your head.
  • What exactly is the role play level of the Sentries of Ill Omen.
    • I would like for the Sentries of Ill Omen to remain a heavy role play setting.  This doesn't mean that there cannot be out of character banter every now and then. 
    • Guild chat would remain in character.  There will be an ooc channel set up once the Sentries go live in game. 
  • I am a member of another guild or part of guild leadership/the officers what are your regulations against that.
    • If you are part of another guild we would request that you let us know about it either in game or through our forums.  This is important to know for future relations as well as any problems that may rise.
    • If you are part of guild leadership or an officer in another guild we request that you would give us that information in game or through our forums.  Also if you are a 'co-leader' we do ask that you inform someone from your previous guild.  This is just a precaution so that no one thinks we are 'trying to steal their leadership for our own dirty evil deeds'.  I honestly do not want to be thrown into any ooc debate or name calling due to a misunderstanding.  
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us in game through Kimaya or through our website by filling out a recruitment application!  Even if you are not a member of the Sentries of Ill Omen pop on over and sit a spell.  We have public role play forums and we don't bite!  I promise *nods matter of factly*


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